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How to have sex in airplane bathroom discreetly?

I was thinking:
1. Go on a nighttime flight and sit towards the back of the plane, last row if possible, so hopefully most people are sleeping.
2. Wait till they serve the drinks/food because stewardesses will start in the front and fewer people want to use the bathroom before drinks/food.
3. I go into the bathroom first and time it so husband comes in 2nd (like 1 min later I unlock the door)

Now I'm stuck on how to get out. I am thinking husband leaves first and I pretend I am sick if anyone wonders why we are in the bathroom together.

How to fit in the bathroom I was thinking one of us would have to be on top of the closet toilet.
Additional Details
We would be going someplace. I wouldn't pay all that money to just fly for the heck of it.

I have been on many flights and usually if it's at night a lot of people are sleeping and not using the restroom anyways but they still get up to serve drinks at the beginning. A morning or daytime is really hard to do.

I don't know I have heard of people doing this before so I guess I never thought much of it.

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So, you're going to inconvienience an entire airplane full of people by taking up one of the restrooms, so that the two of you can claim this moronic title of "mile high club"? Why don't you just cause a traffic jam, or better yet, steal road signs so that others get into accidents. They are all pretty much the same sophmoric behavior, just on different levels.

Star Bright
It will not be discreet, you will be found out and wish you never did it, so take my advise and DONT DO IT......

he will have to put you up against the door otherwise he will be straddling the toilet so i hear (:

I would suggest not doing it. People will wonder why you two are banging against the wall. You will probably get caught. By the way, there is not much room.

I agree with gromit...don't suggest you do it.

Honestly, the lavatories on airplanes are not good smelling or private...about the only the place less romantic would be an outhouse. Wait until you arrive at your destination and lie about joining the "mile high club"..anybody that would have sex in an airplane would not be above lying about it.

If you want to be met at your destination by the local cops, go right ahead.

ewww! why should you do it..? did you know that when you moan while having sex inside the bathroom is Public Disturbance and that is punishable by law? If you want to get pulled out from your flight or face the cops and go to prison then go ahead to do it. Thats the sickest idea i had ever heard. Most people just go on Motels and do it.

And remember, the bathroom is too small

I recently took a plane flight and let me tell ya...there is no room to do much in there! you will have to be up against the toilet facing the wall while your hubby does ya from you know, the bathroom in the rear are where the Stewardess get all that they need for the drink cart for the it may NOT be as discrete as you may think it may be, and when you are your husband go in together..believe me....Everyone will KNOW what you 2 were up to...I don't see you hiding the smile of pleasure on your face.

so basically what you're saying is that you're only taking a flight to have sex in an airplne but are not actually going anywhere?

ok, well hmm.. you seem to have it all planned out. it should work if you or your husband isnt obese.
good luck with the smell and the turbulence
and its a FACT that people will look at you weirdly when you get out.


this is the most screwed up question i've read in a long time.

just lock da door, and if you do cause any disturbance on the plane, they'll have no proof to find u guilty

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