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How to have sex in airplane bathroom discreetly?

I was thinking:
1. Go on a nighttime flight and sit towards the back of the plane, last row if possible, so hopefully most people are sleeping.
2. Wait till they serve the drinks/food because stewardesses will start in the front and fewer people want to use the bathroom before drinks/food.
3. I go into the bathroom first and time it so husband comes in 2nd (like 1 min later I unlock the door)

Now I'm stuck on how to get out. I am thinking husband leaves first and I pretend I am sick if anyone wonders why we are in the bathroom together.

How to fit in the bathroom I was thinking one of us would have to be on top of the closet toilet.
Additional Details
We would be going someplace. I wouldn't pay all that money to just fly for the heck of it.

I have been on many flights and usually if it's at night a lot of people are sleeping and not using the restroom anyways but they still get up to serve drinks at the beginning. A morning or daytime is really hard to do.

I don't know I have heard of people doing this before so I guess I never thought much of it.

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