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I am afraid to ride a plane, please help?

Im going on a plane next tuesday, the flight isnt long its only about a hour and a half but I'm panicing. I'm aftraid of heights and I am paranoid that the plane is going to crash or something. Can someone please reassure me that I'm gunna be okay?

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You will be fine. There is no sense of height when your in the airplane. If your nervous, take some type of sedative before you get on it.

dont worry u sleep most of the ride! trudt me i was on a planr for 12 hours

1 1/2 hour is not that long, so don't panic, at least you wouldn't be on a 16 hour flight like me >.<

to keep your mind off of being on an airplane, trying listening to some music on your cd player/mp3 player, or play some video games like psp, nds, or can also read a book or watch a movie that's playing in the airplane or bring your laptop/dvd player to watch some movies of your own...

Good luck!

Take your mind off it by being entertained. Do you have an Ipod or MP3? Take it with you and listen to music to distract you from your fear. Do you have magazines or books. Take them with you. Bring gum with you and something comfy to wear. You'll probably be sleeping most of the time. Good luck and have a wonderful trip!

it is going to be fine Bring some earphones and listen to music. Bring some magazines or a thrilling novel. Deep slow breaths. Dont drink alcohol to try to relax you may just become more terrified due to lack of inhibitions. If doctor agrees you could ask for a tiny dose of a tranquilizer like Ativan in a small enough dose to calm but not enough to get really overly drowsy..Dont sit by window if you dont like heights Im also scare of heights but planes dont bother me as you cant really see enough to make you feel up high nd you are all enclosed in your little plane world. Cars are the real danger Very very little chance of a serious accident on a plane Very big chance in a car.

I was afraid, and I am here to write about it. You will be fine if that is God's will. Learning to trust really helped me. Just say a prayer, and let it go. You cannot change your fate after you've done all you can do. It really looks different from up in the sky, and you don't get that feeling that you're gonna 'fall' like you might get if you are on a tall bridge. You'll be okay!!!

better chance to get in a car crash. than get in a plane crash.
you are going to be fine. drive safely to the airport. Enjoy your trip. I wish i was going. Kewl

Sadet B
it will be alright i went on a plane before and i was scared a little then i got used to it.just take some stuff to do on the plane and do not think anything bad and maybe sleep have a safe flight and drive safley to and good luck!

michelle b
well i have to get on a plane later but its a fact that airplanes are safer than riding a car and the odds are a lot bigger of you geting in a car accident than you getting in a plane crash those odds are like 1in a million and i would also chew gum if i were you so your ears dont pop..

Ok yes riding in a plane can be a little scary but think of a plane ride as you leaving all of your problems on the ground. If you're afraid of heights then don't look out the window but just in case they do have barf bags. About the plane crashing how likely is it that every plane on your airline is fine until you step on and then they have some reason to crash. Its not very likely at all.

I am scared to death of flying, but I had to do it. For my Sister.I live in Indiana, she lives in LA. Let me tell you about that trip. I didn't fly in 1 plane like you will do, I had the priveledge of 4. 2 going and 2 coming back. The 1st plane, I thought we were walking onto the tarmack, since it was raining, NO, we walked downstairs out onto the runaway parking area, with an umbrella and a coat. The guy collecting the umberalls at the stairs of my plane hit me in the head with the umberella, I caught my coat on the railing, tripped up the steps. Then forgot to tell me to Duck when I got to the back of the plane, and I hit my head not once but 3 times. I ordered coffee immediately, since I was on one of the planes that had a good history of crashing. In the air it wasn't so bad, since the pilot kept at a low altitude, we landed in Chiago, still alive.
That place is a night mare in itself. The next plane was a 424, which again they put me on the wing. Scared the hell out of me when the damn wings started flapping at take off. Everyone told me to go to sleep, that worked well, closed your eyes and get dizzy. The pilot, kept gaining height, then back down again, trying to clear the storm. They say chew gum, to get the ears to quit popping, I chewed a whole Pack, it didn't help. Ordered more coffee. Again landed safe. The 3rd plane wasn't bad at all. It was a 747, with a phone, in which I called my husband and told him I was 50,000 feet off ground to watch for me. Landed in kentucky, and again moved to the 8 seater, in which the stewardess GO OFF the plane. The Captain, had the Curtains open, and since we were in the front seats this time, I watched him as he Pecked the instrument panel to get the needles to work. Well in each plane they let you know about the breathing mask, and the floatation device under your seat, Never a parachute. All I asked was when we would be flying over water to use it! On land you really need a parachute, not that I would have used it either. But yes I did live to tell my tale, Thank God.
Just do a lot of praying, drink a lot of cooffee, and don't close your eyes. You will enjoy the beauty of the land below, and the clouds by your side.

I'm with you on that. Honestly speaking, I am afraid myself of riding an airplane, a ship, public transport and everything. I always have this feeling that something bad might happen.

The only thing I do is just get on with it. Face my fear head on. I don't think about my fear. I just pray to God to keep me safe then think something happy or pleasant or daydream. Also if there's a music, I listen to the song and try to relate to it. After a while, I finally got to my destination without knowing I am already there. Time passes so quickly if you quit worrying to much.

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