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I hate flying so much what should i do to relax on the plane?

i really hate flying sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

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If you like alcohol, then have a drink.. a strong drink =) Other wise listen to music.

Kathy S
I work as a Flight Attendant and what I have found is DON'T drink, it can have an opposite effect on you and have you more nervous. A lot of people take a gental sleep aid if a long flight like Tylonol PM. Meditating works great for shorter flights (like Lamaz breathing)

well what i do is simply take some sleeping pills and evrything's settled..

Namrata T
Well there are many things that you can do to relax... but first it would be best to choose a seat AWAY from the window as it may make you more nervous. Try not to drink anything while the flight is taking off because it may make you feel slightly nauseous. Chewing gum is always a good idea, it really helps if you concentrate on it and not the fact that you're about to take off in air :). Also, try to bring items that bring a feeling of comfort, so if you like reading, bring books, or crossword puzzles, a portable DVD player, music, your favourite games, etc. Try to strike up a conversation with other people, it really helps take away the anxiety... hope this helps!!!

shoeshopper ♥
-chew gum
-listen to music
-watch dvds [portable dvd player]
-play solitare
-bring books and magazines to read
-talk to a friend
-work on laptop or play games
-bring crossworld puzzles and word finds
-if on jetblue, etc.. watch tv on the seat back in front of you :]

Hope I helped - these things always relax me! :]

eine kleine nukedmusik
Remember that if you are flying instead of driving, that you are something like ten times less likely to be hurt. Seriously, flying, even after 9/11 is still far, far, safer than driving.
See, I am the exact opposite, I love to fly, but being a passenger in a car makes me crazy... I have to close my eyes, or be the driver. As the driver, I'm always expecting someone to be blindly pulling out in front of me or some other random dumb thing. Any moron can get a driver's license. They are pretty careful about who they let fly the plane.

laura f
i do to, just take some chewy lollies and chew, focus on something peaceful, take advantage of the beverage cart. if it's not a full flight get a row to yourself and spread out, scout out a cute man and strike up a conversation

listen to music :D

Try reading a book, or magazine. Keep your mind off the flight.

just curious
take a gravol or dramamine tablet an hour before takeoff. you will sleep through the whole flight. (walk with an eye mask to block out the light and make it obvious to others you want to sleep).

buy a dvd player and some movies to keep you entertained. i have one. its not so boring anymore. hope it works for you.

Random Thoughts
I hate it too. I find the best thing to do is to try to engage in conversation with anybody while the plane is taking off. After that, you'll start to calm down. Tell yourself that air travel is virtually the safest way to fly nowadays, and start talking to somebody again when it's landing time. Before you know it, the worst is over!

Pretty'in yellow
try chewing gum or listening to music

Paul McDonald
Hope this doesn't sound too harsh...

Try not flying on a plane... or getting over it...

Yeah, that was harsh... didn't mean to be harsh... sorry... but there's really no other options.

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