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I have to go on a plane soon but I always get sick on it, please help!?

Whenever I fly on an airplane, I start to feel sick and throw up several times, this has happened ever since I was little and still does. It will be an 11 hour flight, and I don't want to be throwing up, its horrible! I guess cuz I get nervous when I'm on the plane, and last time, I didn't eat anything, drinky anything, go to the bathroom, or even get up for 11 and a half hours straight! I have tried Draminine and another medicine which didn't help. Please hurry, I have to go on a plane soon! And please don't give me any rude or mean responses, I have been trying really hard to not get sick but I always do.Please help! Thank you sooo much!

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Judy L
For the air sickness, ask you doctor for a prescription for Scopolamine patches. Four hours before your flight you apply one patch behind your ear; the patch is good for up to 3 days so an 11 hour flight will be no problem. Scopolamine is not like dramamine; it is a completely different drug and it works beautifully. I have terrible motion sickness when I fly and I wouldn't board a plane without a patch.

Your nervousness is probably caused by the fact that you know you're going to get sick. However, if you know for sure that your vomiting is caused by extreme anxiety and not motion sickness then you need an anti-anxiety drug like Valium or Diazapam. They don't make you high or anything if taken in the proper dosage; they will just eliminate that dreadful anxiety.

I know there are probably techniques you could try but they take practice and you said you have a flight soon. I think medications in that case is the way to go.

Note that you can't use Scopolamine together with anti-anxiety meds or alcohol so you will have to judge which is the real culprit, anxiety or motion sickness.

Make sure you do not close your eyes during takeoff/landing and specially when the aircraft is turning. If possible, get a window seat, so you can have point of reference on the ground every time one of those above mentioned maneuvers is being done. We tend to loose our ability to control our senses when we have no reference point (land), therefore our bodies react in a total opposite chaotic manner (getting sick) when the inner ear fluid tells us something but we have no reference to confirm it.
Try to eat unsalted crackers and club soda to ease the feeling of throwing up....... They really help.
I fly low level and thru the contour of the terrain almost daily..... I have had several passengers getting sick by no following the few simple steps I have mentioned...... Good luck.

well take slow and steady breathes and take ur mind off of it or you know might happen bring like music or something it might help

It sounds like you are getting a little too nervous. Try relaxing before you go up there. you can try putting a rubber band arround your wrist before you bored and when you start to feel bad or strange while either on the plane or in the airport pop the rubber band that will make you mind think about the pain before it thinks about the nausea. Or you can take some valerian root or kava kava. both are herbal relaxants. you can buy at most health places. try those out and see what happens. if they don't work talk to a dr about the sickness.

kiwi gal
maybe try ginger. take some ginger snap cookies.

I also get sick on planes, boats, cars, etc. I have found that drinking ginger ale helps. Or, use ginger capsules available at any vitamin store. Studies say that ginger works as well as Dramamine.

David B
scopalamine patches behind the ear.

easy simple your not used to it but if you continue to get sick travel on buses boats or on balloons

Bring a parachute and a flashlight.

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