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Peter Thwaites

Is it allowed to take essential oils (for aromatherapy) on an airplane? If so, is there a limit on how much?

I've been told by parcel force that they're not allowed to ship these oils by air overseas. So I wonder if it's possible to take them by air myself. We have less than 500 ml of oils.

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you are only allowed 100ml of liquid in your hand luggage, and you have to drink it to prove its not anything suspicious!

you can however put what you want (well, apart from bombs and stuff) in your suitcases.

Douglas M
1 x 20x20x20cm bag of 100ml or less liquids per person.

Nikki x3 (:
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The Easy Answer
Hello Peter,

You are only allowed 100ml I believe. I will probably be agreeing with you by saying that these air regulations are becoming crazy!

The Power of Alternative Medicines!

UC Blues.. Rooney runs Utd!!!!
put them in your suitcase and wrap in bubble wrap and towels.
please don't tell me you need them in flight
surely not

You are only allowed 100ml in hand luggage. But you can put it in your checked in luggage no problems.

luggage you put under the plane is where you should put ur oils. in ur hand luggage they will be confiscated

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