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Is it okay to take our own food onto the plane for our lunch? We are going from the UK to Spain.?

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Food should be OK - but depending on how strict the regulations are, you may have to purchase drinks in the departure lounge. So long as food and drink is sealed when you go through security, I can't see there being a problem.

Most flights have to serve you food (even if it's just a snack) on board, although we all know what plane food is like!

Enjoy spain!

Just have something to eat before you get on the plane and maybe take a sandwich if you get hungry. You probably wont feel like eating much anyway. x

I usually take food with me when I fly to the states.

It depends on what you plan on taking. Some food aren't allowed into certain countries.

Make sure you read Spain's custom laws to see if meat, fruit, etc are allowed in, in case you don't eat all the food.

yes its ok

Pit Bull
The flight won't take much more than a couple of hours, surely you can manage on a packet of peanuts and a can of coke for that length of time.

with jet2 airline you can take sandwhiches and snacks but if you take drinks it can only be 100ml ....if you get them after you go through passport control in one of their own shops you can buy any size ...bewarned if you buy perfume or any bottled wine/spirits in dutyfree over 100ml you cannot bring them back in your hand luggage they have to go in suitcase ..i came home from spain yesterday and had bought some perfume in outgoing airport which was 150ml but coming back from spain i left it in my hand luggage and they took it off me and throw it it bin it cost me £32 so i wasnt happy but i didnt realise i wouldnt be able to leave it in hand luggage ...hope this helps.....enjoy your hols weather in the 90s fantastic ......wish i was still there you are only allowed 18kg per person now its £5 for every kilo over

Yes, not everyone wants to book an in flight meal so they take their own food instead.

its fine but remember that there is a restriction on liquids(drinks) i think u can take about 100ml for each person

Why not have something before you get on the plane. How long do you think it takes to get to Spain.

If you're going with EasyJet I'd definitely recommend it.

Yes its fine - have just got back from Cyprus and all was ok with that - just don't take any bottles of water from home coz you won't get them past the bag scanner

I guess so

Robert S
I have never found any restriction on carrying food onto the plane. I'm always munching on homemade cookies on my flights. In fact these days it seems airlines are encouraging us to supply our own snakes or purchase them. We're no longer compelled to eat airline food out of guilt -- the belt-tightening of the airlines has left us in charge of our food destinies. If your family is trapped on a flight, what better way to spend time than kicking back (well, okay, shifting slightly) and enjoying some tasty, homemade food?

annabel m
sure, why not? but you won't be able to cook anything as no gas stoves are allowed (though I have had of a certain middle eastern/south asian airline that has had passengers cooking in the aisles!)

Tina B
Yes no reason why not, snacks etc are fine especially if u have kids

Lady Penelope
Don't you like Spanish food ?

Don't be bloody stupid

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