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Is it safe to fly on a plane when it rains?

I'm going to Chicago tomorrow, and tomorrow my mom it's going to be raining.

Not really like a thunderstorm I believe :I

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Michael K
Aircraft fly in rain all the time without any problems. The higher that you go, the lower the temperature gets, so there is a risk of icing, which can cause problems for aircraft not equipped with anti-icing/de-icing equipment. Fortunately, all modern day airliners have such equipment installed, meaning that possible ice accretion on the airframe is easily overcome.

As for thunderstorms, aircraft are designed to deal with them as well, but rarely will an aircraft fly through a storm. Pilots know the conditions along the route, and so, they will plan to fly around adverse weather. As a passenger flying through a storm, all you would notice would be a little extra turbulence.

Flights have been going through and around storms for 50+ years. You'll be fine... if it's too bad, they fly over or around it. No need to worry.

We flew through a major storm landing in Puerto Vallarta. It was just a little more bumpy than usual. They wouldn't fly if it wasn't safe.

Rain alone poses no threat to aircraft at all. They can cheerfully fly even in a downpour.

Thunderstorms are bad for aircraft, and no airplane ever flies through a thunderstorm. However, if the rain is not associated with a thunderstorm, it's harmless.

Regardless of what others here may think, they have not flown through storms, at least not on any normal, civilian commercial flight. An airliner might fly around a storm, and that's safe, although it can be so bumpy that it might mislead passengers into believing that they are flying through the storm. The reality, though, is that airplanes that fly into storms generally do not fly back out, and commercial flights always, ALWAYS avoid storms.

Anyway, don't worry about rain. If an actual thunderstorm comes up, the flight will be delayed or diverted to avoid it, rest assured.

PLanes fly above the clouds. They take off and land in the rain all the time

Mike R
If it's only rain then it's absolutely safe. I fly almost 100 times a year, and have flown dozens of times in the rain - sometimes in heavy rain and it has been safe. I have even flown during light snow. I have never felt unsafe flying in rain. If it's heavy snow or really severe thunderstorms then it might not be as safe but if that's the case, then the airline will delay the flight. But just rain is absolutely no reason to be concerned. Flying is still a lot safer than driving. And as others have said, pilots know to fly over or around storms as well so they will avoid any dangerous situations.


no problem at all, one of the tests for jet engines is to pump water at them while they are running so a little thing like rain is not going to have any effect.

No problem.

Yes, plains are much much safer than driving even if its raining. Rain causes much more driving accidents.

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