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Is it safer to fly on a smaller plan rather than a bigger one?

i'm afraid of flying and i need to fly tommorow for work. I've just been doing some research to try and calm myself a little bit. I found out the plane i will be on only holds 140 passenger. Do you know if it's safer or has less turbulence if it's a smaller plane rather than a bigger one? or is it all just the same?

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You just calm down and stop reasearching. If you're afraid of flying you will only focus on bad things and you will only understand things the bad way.

Just bear in mind that you will hear noises which will sound strange, the plane will move or shake in ways that may scare you and all that. Try to live with that. No matter how scared you are you're safer on a plane than crossing a street. The one thing that may scare you is that you have no control over the plane, which is good cause you can't fly it. Fortunately pilots can and do it every single day.

Just bear in mind that while you're doing your stuff every day there's thousand of airplanes flying around the world all the time, shaking, making noises and then they land and that's it.

And if you're still scared try to enjoy the adrenaline.

Richard M
It doesnt matter. All planes are safe, none more than another. Dont worry about it.

Did you know that every year, more people die from donkeys than airplanes. Yeah, Exactly.

Which type of flying is safer?

Type of Flight Fatalities per 100,000 flight hours
Airliner (Scheduled and nonscheduled Part 121) 0.089
Commuter Airline (Scheduled Part 135) 0.670
Commuter Plane (Nonscheduled Part 135 - Air taxi on demand) 1.230
General Aviation (Private Part 91) 2.305


bigger ones are a little safer and experience less turbulence but rest assured all the planes are completely safe

choose the one that will make you feel ok i would be scared of a really fast moving plane so i'd choose the slower plane

First off, that 140 seater is not considered a small plane. Smaller planes (this morning I went on a 50 seater) experence more turbulence and may have less sevices for they are for short distance flights. I would say all airplane are equal in safety.

well from my experience smaller planes tend to be a little bit more scary. they have more turbulance than bigger planes and make alot more noise. but i dont think that a 140 passenger plane can be classified as a "small plane" its smaller than those huge ones but i doubt that there will be much of a difference. smaller planes also take of and land a lot smoother than those larger planes. i guess i would have to say that i think that bigger planes are a little bit safer but they really both have pros and cons. i just suggest that you calm down and dont worry. ive been on many planes and there are people that have to fly almost every single day for there work. you will be fine.

well it doesn't really matter but you get less turbulence on big planes but they are harder to manuever because they are bigger and are kinda sluggish but smaller planes offer more control a 140 seat jet isn't very small i usually fly on 50 and 40 seaters and even on those there isn't very much turbulence so there is nothing to worry about

yes it is safer to ride a small plane because you have more control over it

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