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Jackie U

Never been on a Plane?

I have never been on a plane, and very scared, If anyone knows what I can do to make me not nervous. Also, What is it like in a plane? AND WHAT IS TURBULENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Infinite Integral
Turbulence is nothing more than vertical movements of air that when an airplane passes through it moves the airplane a bit. Severe turbulence can be dangerous but is very uncommon and pilots are trained to predict these areas and avoid them.

Inside a plane can be cozy if you are on a good airline. If you are too warm or cold talk to the lfight attendants and they can help you out.

Flying is by far the safest mode of transportation. The only reason it always makes the news when something happens is because they are not common at all. So in this way when one crashes, the media swarms all over it.

So do not be afraid. You are in the hands of absolute professionals when you are flying. Air traffic control and the pilots are highly skilled and highly trained people who care about your safety.

Joe B
My first planr ride I jumped out at 13000 feet. Your will be better than that.

Areah S
umm ive never been in a plane but i heard it's more safe to ride in a plane than a train

Don't worry I've been on a plane for 4 times. It's actaully pretty fun. I was nervous too but seeing the beautiful view. You'll love it

hahahaha. thats when the plane bumps around alot. but its nothing to worry about.

statistically, your more likely to die in a car than a plane.

bring something to do, its always better when you are sitting next to someone you know, and your not just sitting there by some stranger.

my only bad plane experience was when i flew alone.

It;s when the plane shakes up down or side to side. Nothing to worry about. think about this....there are 30,000 flights in the USA every day. It is so safe... for plane crashes to equal auto deaths a plane would have to crash every day.

Sit near the rear, that way you get on first and have time to get seat. You will be last but who cares. Because any flight you walk away from is a good flight! I can say that because I have stories I could tell you that would make your hair stand up on the back of your neck and I still fly all over the world

♥ Crotch Rocket. ™
I have been on a plane since I was 1 1/2 years old. Every time I go on, I always get nervous. I guess you can't do anything about that because everyone has different emotions. I guess when you're on a plane, it could get pretty noisy and sometimes it could feel bumpy like if you were riding your bike on a bunch of rocks. There's nothing to worry about though!
P.S: I looked up what turbulence means in my dictionary, and I got:
" - Instability in the atmosphere; unstable flow of a liquid or gas.
Hope I helped!

sportsluvor thing that i think of is that planes are more safe than cars. i was watching this thing where a pilots wife was saying that she was more worried about him while he was driving to the airport than when he was actually in the air. dont worry. i know it's easier said then done, but i've been on more planes than years i've been alive.
planes are sometimes cold. make sure you wear something comfortable and something that will keep you both warm and cooled. but they do give you blankets. socks are good! to me, planes have a very distinct smell and feeling. its hard to explain, and i sure that its different for everybody. i really like just being up in the air. feeling like a giant. its really cool to be able to look down and see the cities below. especially at night.
turbulence, as i find it, is just when the plane is going through some rough wind. so when and if they say "please be seated, we are going through some turbulence," expect the plane to be a bit shaky. they want people to sit so they dont go crashing into other people and/or walls or seats. it's not that bad, as long as you're warned. but you shouldn't worry. it doesn't last long. hope this helped! enjoy your flight and where you're going!

Frank P
I have no idea what turbulence is. i was on a plane when i was 5 and the only scary thing is right whn they take off and go upwards, which at that point u are pressed against your chair. feels exactly like a roller coaster, but that only lasts for 2 seconds and then ull be sitting upright again. its perfectly smooth, no noise at all. i went when i was 5 to syria for like 2 months.

you'll be fine. :)

a plane is nothing 2 be worried or scared about. i always ride planes....if i get scared i always sit in the isle seat and i always have a good friend or family with me....i hold their hand.. sometimes when im on a plane i listen sleepy songs and fall asleep...if u fall asleep it will feel like ur in your bed!

julie b
dont worry- its fun. ur ears will hurt tho when u start flying and u land.
enjoy budyy!

Don't be nervous! Flying is so much fun you'll love it. Turbulence is very common,its nothing to be afraid of. Its way better than driving believe me. You'll love it. Heres some advice though if your still scared because I used to get nervous on air planes during take offs, but really they are fun! When the plane is taking off you can lean over and put your chest to your knees so you can't see out the window, that always helped me. and if your afraid of heights all of the windows have a shutter that you can pull down so you cant see out of the window. and sice your at high altitudes and the engines are very loud chew a peice of gum it keeps your ears from popping:) hope i've helped!

Austin C
Being on a plane seems a lot scarier then it actually is. When taking off for the first time, it might seem a little scary, but after awahile you'll be able to settle down and relax. Just remember, it's REALLY rare for a plane to crash or anything like that, it hardly EVER happens. You stand a better chance dying in a car accident. Just take some gum, a really good magazine, and an iPod or mp3 player and you'll settle down. A lot of people take Tylenol PM's so they fall asleep for the ride. (Only good for a ride that's 8 + hours.) Turbulence is when the plane hits air pockets causing it to midly shake and move. Don't worry, it only lasts for around a minute tops. Take care and have fun. (:

its when the plane hits some wind gusts so the plane shakes. for nervousness, listen to your ipod or talk wih the person sitting next to you. its not bad

♡♪♫☆Taylor S. ♥♡♪♫☆ღ»-(¯`v´¯)-»
being on a plane is not scary! turbulence is when the plane goes through a series of clouds, and it rocks a little bit, but it hardly ever happens, and i've heard its less scarier than an earthquake! On an airplane its fun, you go really fast (you can't feel it), and then up, it feels a little wierd going up, but then the airplane straightens and its fun! just relax! i promise you nothing is going to go wrong!

I was very scared my first time too. It's really not that bad, just try to relax. Read a book or something and chew gum so your ears don't hurt.

ok i was afraid of heights.all you need to do is relax and enjoy the view!

Mary L
Being in a commercial airliner is a bit like being in a train, but with less leg room and narrower aisles. (If you fly in first class -- a lot more expensive! -- you have more room.) Turbulence is simply the airplane bouncing around a wee bit in the air currents and winds. Generally turbulence is so minimal you don't notice it.

As to being nervous, that's OK and normal for first flights. Would it help you to know that you are actually safer on a flight than you are in going to the airport in a car or bus? Some people will probably advise you to get pills from the doctor or to get drunk, but there are downsides to both of those -- pills can make you foggy and miss the flight, and if you are visibly drunk they won't let you on the plane! I suggest you take a really good book with you, and headphones (they have some really great movies and music on the flights, and you can either buy their headphones, which are mediocre, or use your own). If you can sleep, a nap makes things go very fast.

Chris B
if ur so nervous bring sleeping pills with you

Madi on Yahoo!
I don't think you should be scared. It's really quite fun...I suggest chewing gum, any kind, because with being up in the air, your ears will pop. So make sure to do that. They usually play movies, and the seats are big enough to sleep in. If you want to, take a sleeping pill just before boarding so that you won't have to deal with anything if you don't want to. If not, you could bring a good book, or an iPod, or a cell phone to keep you distracted. (Do cell phones even get reception that high up? Not sure.)

Anyway, have a good flight, and have fun once you get wherever you're going!

Oh, and turbulence is just a little bump in the flight. It's really just a strong wind gust, causing the plane to shift a little. Nothing deathly, I promise. If anything was even close to dangerous, the flight would be postponed.

Don't worry lol
Being on a plane is just the same as sitting on a sofa at your house.
it is very still and you cant hear anything other then the people next to you talking. You will completely forget your on a plane. Turbulence is just when it gets windy, its nothing! There's been turbulence when ive been on planes a few times, its normal, it makes the plane shake a bit, it would be like going over tiney tiney bump in your car.
When you take off, you will feel the force push you back on your chair, it fun, but the second the plane lifts of the ground its fine.
Remember, the chances of crashing in a plane are 1 in a billion, and when planes do crash, rarly anybody dies.
You are a LOT more likely to be killed in a car. So don't worry.
Like i said, its just like sitting down as you are now, you will completely forget your on a plane.

Hope i helped, its nothing to worry about. :]

No Thanks Obama
Most people have trouble with Planes.

Its like a Car-ride in the Air where your ears somtimes POP.

Nothing to worry about its just a bit uncomfortable somtimes.

Turbulence: This is when the plane hits pockets of air when flying.
It can cause the plane to Bump and make noise, which can be frigtening.

Wanna know what the most Dangerous part of a Plane ride is tho?

The car ride to the Airport.


its kinda scary at first if you run into turbulance.. which is when the plane gets kinda shaky cause your flying through bad weather.. but really, its not bad at all! theres nothing to be scared about and once you take off, just take some sleeping pills and it will be over before you know itt (:

remember that pressure changes when you go higher and lower in the air. So if you want to equalize easier chew gum during the takeoff and the decent. If you get motion sickness easily try to take some bonine (motion sickness medication) and that should help you, but take it a few hours before the takeoff so it is active in your system.

Also stay well hydrated and drink plenty of water, it will help with jet lag. Change your clock to the destination time and try to sleep on that time.

Turbulence is when wind and high pressure air hit the plane at an odd angle and it feels like the plane ride gets a little bumpy. Sometimes it is just the shakes other times it feels like the floor falls out from you a little. Thats why the bonine is important.

good luck!

well planes are the safest mode of travel in the world so you safer in a plane thana car and turblece is when the plane rocks a bit

turbulence is like when the plane rocks a little because of high winds or something
bring a good book a blanket and a stuffed animal if needed :D
don't worry
all will be fine

Love Canada
As above, but expect the worse and you will be pleasantly surprised

Daniil M
Being on a plane is very fun, and safe. Its great, you don't even notice you are in the air. Turbulence is when the plane goes through a wind stream and kind of rumbles, but its still safe. If you don't want to be nervous, breathe deeply, and just watch a movie(s) that they provide. I promise, its a very fun experience. Or i guess it could be just me.

Take some Motrin or something to make you tired if you are scared. Also don't sleep the night before and sleep on the plane. Turbulence is shaking of the plane but there is never any turbulence any more. Have a nice flight.

just take drugs

u should neva get on a plane 1st if ur afraid of heights cause when u look down u see little ants 2. ur ears start 2 pop 3.u might crash
4. might drown with d airplane and never see ur family 5.ur emotionz might trigger a nightmare when u r sleep

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