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What Happens if you fall out of an Airplane?

If a commercial aircraft(the ones we fly on daily) were flying at it's max altitude, in the stratosphere or even lower, would you die before you hit the ground, or would you live and die once you have impacted an object?
I know this is a weird question, but it came to my mind, oddly, when I was traveling last week..I don't know if anyone knows this answer or someone whose into physics know?
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Alexis...skydivers don't go as high as a commercial aircraft! that's how they are able to do it...airplanes will usually fly above weather systems

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Let's say your plane is at 30,000 when all of the sudden, for whatever reason, you're sucked from the plane.

-Explosive decompression. You would likely suffer lung trauma.
-Hypoxia. You'd probably pass out fairly quickly.
-Hypothermia. The air outside the aircraft at 30,000 feet is somewhere in the neighborhood of -30 F. Combine that with the wind chill from falling and you're talking serious frostbite.
-Someone mentioned that the human body would "burn up," just like meteors or other things that enter the atmosphere from time to time. That only applies to things traveling extremely fast. In reality, your body would simply fall until it hit the ground, and would only reach speeds of about 130 mph (you don't keep getting faster and faster due to the effects of air friction).

The likeliest case is that you'd be alive right up until impact, but you'd be unconscious for most of the fall.

Most likely you would blackout, and it is possble to die before hitting the ground,

There isn't any way to fall out of a modern airliner, however …

If you fell out at a typical cruising altitude of 35,000 feet, you'd survive all the way to the ground, and you'd be killed when you hit the ground. You'd probably lose consciousness within 20-30 seconds after falling out, because of the low oxygen content in the high, thin air at that altitude. You'd wake up again as you moved further down in the atmosphere and the oxygen content rose again. You'd also be freezing from the cold air after leaving the airplane, although you'd warm up again on the way down (depending on local weather).

Pilots have ejected from military aircraft at these altitudes and survived, with symptoms similar to the above. With a parachute, you'd land safely, although you might be suffering from hypothermia from the cold.

grumpy geezer
The impact with the ground will be what kills you. You may or may not be conscious immediately before that.

It is possible to suffer a heart attack from the shock and die. Also, you could just go into shock and pass out, or die from the impact.

sa2 fan song
Wahoo gets my vote. He's right.

You would die before impact.

Watch national geographic's Air Crash Investigations program.
The description you have stated above has happened in real life already, and based on this program, you would die before impact and your body would most probably disintegrate already due to the high speed fall of the aircraft.

alexis d
my guess is die on impact.
because if you died before you hit the ground, then how would people who sky dive live?

but thats my guess :]
hope that helps

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