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What age do you have to be to go on a airplane?

I was wondering what age you had to be, I'm 15 nearly 16 in February, when can I book it?
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I would like to add.. If I am purchasing it ALONE from without parents permission obviously I have a passport etc.

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I think if you were to go with parents then anytime, but on your own i'd say 18.
If you were to go at the age of 16 then you would need someone over 18 with you but it doesn't matter if they are a parent or just a friend.

all airlines very, it's usually listed in the terms and conditions, EasyJet (not sure about now though) will require from the age of 16 and over to be able to fly alone, with the permission of parents at checkin. but i think you have to be over 18 to book the actual flight, which will be checked when you put in the card details.

sarah j
U actually have to be only 12 to fly unaccompanied but how are u gonna pay 4 flight on website with no credit card? Whatever it is that's bothering u talk to your parents, running away never solved anything. Even if you book the flight if you're only 15 the immigration wherever you're going probably won't let u in unless u have permission from your parents as you're still a minor. U think it's just a matter of getting the ticket but even if you get on the plane you'll probably be detained in the arrival airport.


No minimum age.
The youngest you need to be to fly by yourself by Unmin is 5 years.
On most airlines, 12 years old completely by yourself but low cost airlines like Ryanair or Easyjet, you need to be 14.
Trust me.


When I was 16 I flew to Germany alone from the UK. I don't even think I told my parents (I had already left my parents home by 16, so was fully independent).
This was just a holiday for a week and I had friends in Germany that I had arranged to stay with.

Why would you require your parents permission? Your an Adult at 16. But if you still live with them, best to let them know your plan as they will be very worried about you if your absence without any notification.

have fun.

p.s this was about 10 years ago, flying is stupidly strict now and parents are far two over protective now days.

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I went on a plane by myself when I was 8. You may need parental authority or something tho depending on the circumstances.

Wendy Stone
it will depend on the airline, not the booking site, so check the airline. I checked two airlines, Southwest and United, and neither required special arrangements or adult supervision for someone your age.

You can be any age. To fly alone you need to be six or older and have parents help you plan it. 15 or 16 is fine. I saw some cheap flights on

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