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What airline(s) provide(s) individual video screens on seat backs instead of one master screen for everyone?

In a story on HLN today, I noticed individual screens on the backs of airline seats facing each passenger. I have done an incredible amount of flying (mostly up and down the west coast, from the US to Japan, from the US to New Zealand and Australia, and within the Hawaiian Islands), and every flight on which I was a passenger there was a single large screen up front for all passengers to view.

Do you know which airline (or airlines) offer the individual screens? And are there options as to what one can view on these screens, or do all passengers get the same video feed?

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Qantas.. United or Air NZ do have it on most services

Gerald J
Lots of airlines have individual seat back in-flight entertainment these days. Airlines like Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines have AVOD or audio/video on demand which you can choose what you want to watch and when you want to watch. They'll have dozens of movies, tv shows, documentaries, news, sports, music and games. Other airlines will have a as many 30 or 40 channels, but are played on a schedule, not quite as good as AVOD but still very good. This website lists what airlines and which planes in their fleet offer individual seat back entertainment systems, many do these days:

I remember a few years ago, I flew Delta, and there were screens on the back of the seats. It was a map of the flight pattern. I've traveled alot as well, but, that was the only airline I have seen this on.

I've been on two airlines that have individual screens. British and Qantas. Both have several movies and tv shows to choose from.

Red Ant
jetBlue, out of New York, does. Each seat has its own screen. They use DirecTV. The "remote" is on the arm of the chair, and you can choose familiar t.v. channels and radio stations.
I flew back from New York on jetBlue when the weather was rainy, and I watched the weather system on The Weather Channel as we were flying over it. It was interesting!

Most airlines have these except for the planes that are older and/or used for shorter trips. So a lot of US domestic flights do not have the individual tv screens.

You can choose what you see on the individual screens.

british airways

Ian M
British Airways, QANTAS. Virgin Atlantic, Singapore Airlines and Lufthansa all offer this on their long haul flights. No doubt others do as well, You just plug the headphones into your armrest and use the selector to choose what channel you want. There is usually an in-flight magazine in the back of the seat in front of you that lists what's available.

Sadly the movies are usually rubbish as they have to have a "U" certificate to be viewable by all ages. expect "Wallis and Grommet" or similar.

A lot of airlines offer the personal TV on the back of their seats but it also depends on what type of aircraft you will be flying. Even though Delta has personal screens on many of their aircraft, not all aircraft have the personal screens. You should visit which will tell you by airline, by airplane type whether or not the aircraft will have the personal TV.

Air Canada just added seat back tv's in every seat in every plane but the a330 and some 767 as well as westjet but I prefer air canada much better and all new cabins and paintjobs

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