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What can i take on an airplane?

Yes i am recently going on a long airplane flight and i wanted to use my laptop while i was on it. Then someone told me i could not use it while i was on the flight. then it made me wonder.. can i use my cell phone to text people while i'm on a flight? Also do i pay more for an extra bag? or is there a limit on how much i can fill a bag up? can i take my shampoos? gel? stuff like this the essential.

i'm sorry if this question sounds dumb. i have never ridden a airplane since i was 8.
thanks for your time: Jose aguilera

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Public Enemy
I've used my laptop on Delta flights from California to Florida and on United Airlines from California to Japan. You can't use them while the plane is taking off or landing, but they let you know once you are in the air when you can use them, which is majority of the flight. You're allowed to use a cell, but your cell probably won't pick up a signal that high up. My phone didn't work, but for some people theirs does so I guess it depends on your provider.

Yes you pay more for extra baggage. No there is no limit on each bag. Shampoos all depend on airports. San Francisco let me take shampoo on my flight, but then I flew from Japan to Thailand with the same airline and they made me throw it out.

You can't text or use your phone for calls or any other thing that sends a signal, like bluetooth. You can use your laptop and other electronics in flight, but not during take-off and landing.

no you can't use your laptop or your cellphone, because it can ruin the navigation system. you can use your ipod but theyll say to turn off all your electronics. you can't take gel or shampoo or anything liquid on the plane it has to be one of those travel size and in a zip lock bag.

You can carry 3, 3ounce containers full of gels(i.e. shampoo, conditioner, acne cream), and they must be stored in a clear plastic bag.
Most airlines charge for extra bags.
Depending on the airline, you should be able to use your laptop(some even have wi-fi)
Cell phones, ipods, and laptops are supposed to be turned off when taking off and landing, but the pilot or hostess will tell you when you should turn them off or on.

Those are NOT stupid rules, and they allow the plane to have a constant signal with the airport, so that a plane does not have bad reception, potentially causing it to crash. I can't stand people that complain about not being able to call someone on the way down to an airports...

1) You can use your laptop when the airplane is at cruise level, not during take-off/landing (the flight attendants will let you know when you can use electronic devices). You cannot use your cell phone (except for when the plane is at the gate before the doors close).

2) You will pay more for extra bags and may have to pay more if your bag is oversize or overweight. Each airline has its own baggage policy. Most airlines today even charge for the first checked bag. You need to check on the airline's website.

3) As far as what you can take on the plane, you need to check the TSA website and follow the 3-1-1 rule. You can only have liquids/gels that are in 3 oz containers (or less) and all of the containers must fit inside one 1-qt. ziploc bag. There are some exceptions for medication, baby formula, etc.

packing definitely is an earned skill based on experience. Been to many flights both domestic and international and your trip to the airport both to and fro will be smoother with these tips.

everyone already gave info on the electronics and you can call the contact after you've landed on the tarmac before disembarking. Helps to read over the site. Here are the prohibited items:

Dress light where you can remove belt, shoes, socks, watch or hat quickly. That will go in a separate bin than the laptop.

Recommend getting a few small empty travel containers for your favorite shampoo and such. Considering a 3-in-1 would save you space as well. All liquids should be 3oz or less and will have to fit in ONE Quart-size Ziploc type baggie. Keep that in the front of your bag so you can "claim" it. Chapstick in cluded. Some TSA reps will be more particular than others. Better to be prepared.

For your on-flight bag aka "carry-on" (this applies if checking bags);
buy a bottle of water AFTER security check, they won't let you take it on the plane if you brought from home - again, liquid, a no-no.
snack - i.e., trail mix, granola bar, banana
ipod or travel game
book or magazine
ear plug - you never know who'll be your neighbor **essential**
inflatable pillow (can buy these and ear plugs cheap @ CVS, Rite-Aid, Target) - flight may run out of pillows which you may not want to share anyways...
couple sticks of gum - helps the ears pop

tips on packing a suitcase for stress free traveling (personal fav)
rolling clothes and using tissue paper on wrinklables.

lots of info though I trust you'll have a more enjoyable flight even if it gets delayed both in airport or while on plane, yes it happens.


i use my laptop on flights
they even have wi-fi available! no joke, delta did.

but how the hell are you gonna use ur cell with no serivice!/ no signal up in the air ahaha

first off where you goin?
domestic: 1 checked bag 50lbs additional bag means additional $$
international: 2 checked bags 50 lbs and same from additional 3 rd bag

carry on for both flights: 1 carry on for the over head compartment and one personel item like purse coat laptop bag etc
no weight limit
and for liquids, cannot exceed 3 oz and put be in a clear quart sized bag in your carry on

just go on the airlines website and tsa... trust me they got everythin

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