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What exactly happens to the body in a plane crash?

umm, what are the chances of surviving, let's say if flying overseas. I've fled before but I'm flying out of the country in a couple days and that will make 7 plane rides within a week and I'm freaking out really bad since I've been having nightmares about planes crashing and some crazy crap. So I'd like to know what happens when the worse happens :(

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My dad has been a pilot for an airline since '91. I have flown countless times since I was an infant and not even encountered a situation in which the oxygen masks have dropped. Airplanes are extremely safe and each part of them is checked up on every time it is on the ground. Plane crashes rarely happen. there have been a few in recent months that have been televised, but these things just don't happen very often. Don't worry. Nothing is going to happen to you. Take the flight. Here's a website I found:
If you scroll down, you will find every bit of info on plane crashes, including statistics on the probability that you would get into a plane crash with fatalities. There is a 1 in 8 million chance that you will be in a plane crash that has fatalities and a 1 in 14 million chance that you will die in a plane crash.

If the aircraft lands under positive pilot control, the chances of surviving are excellent, and in fact there's a good chance that the passengers will be able to simply walk away from the accident, as they did in the Hudson River incident a few months ago. Overall, survival rates were around 76% for airliner crashes, the last time I looked, and they have been improving for years. Not only are there fewer and fewer crashes, but there are fewer and fewer casualties in the crashes that occur.

When people die in plane crashes, it is typically because of impact against something else inside the cabin, or they die in fires if there is a fire. This latter risk explains why the priority of cabin crews after a crash landing is to get all passengers out and away from the aircraft as quickly as possible, in case something catches fire. If nothing catches fire and the passengers are still alive after the crash, they'll probably survive, and if they are still conscious, they may even walk away from it.

well while many can actually survive the plane crash its self, sometimes its the aircraft stopping that kills the person.

This only happens when you hit say a wall or a slide across a mountain, but the G Forces on your body can go beyond extreme levels where it can kill you.

7 flights in a short amount of time is bad enough if you moderatly enjoy flying.

But after the first 2 or 3 flights you will be fine.

The chances of a plane crash are slim, but 78% of people survive plane crashes. If you are more than 4 rows away from an exit, you have almost no chance, if there is a fire. Don't worry, out of the hundreds of flights I've flown, only once did we have an emergency landing, since they couldn't pressurize the aircraft.

I dont think you want to know the worst that can happen it will probably scare you. But the worst thing would be you dying. People get flung around in plane crashes, body parts can rip off, they can get squashed, suffocate, burn if there a fire after it crashes. But i hope none of these happen to you or anyone in that case. Dont be afraid. Have a safe trip.

Wiggy J
Honestly, it depends. For one, know that the chances of a plane crashing are just...soooo slim. You're 1,000x more likely to be in a car accident. So don't be worried about flying...Second of all, it depends where you crash. If it's in the ocean, the impact might not be bad.

See, when crashing it's all about the impact of the crash. It depends on how slowly and softly your body takes it, because what kills people is just internal damage. The plane stops moving, but the body is still moving at 200 MPH or something.

So if it's a water landing, good chances of survival probably. If it's on the ground, probably not very good...It also depends on how tense you are. If you're asleep, let's say, you might suffer extreme damage but not die. It's just all luck and depends on where you'd land, really. If it were into a building there'd probably be no chance of survival.

But I doubt anything will happen. Planes are very safe! : )

You have virtually no chance of surviving a plane crash, unless the pilot is amazingly lucky and skillful. I mean, the plane is going to blow up... how do you avoid dying when a jet explodes?

The good news is that you're not going to crash. Air travel is amazingly safe.

lost one
you'll blow up

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