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What form of ID do i need for my 5 and 3 year old to board a plane?

We are heading for Disney World tomorrow and i am not sure what i need. If i bring their birth certificates, do i need the orginals or will copies be enough?

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We've travelled a lot within the US and internationally with the 3 kids (7, 5 and 3).

We always carry and need their passports when travelling internationally.

We always carry, but have never been asked for their passports when travelling domestically. We have never been asked for any other form of ID either - including birth certificates. Quite scary when you think about it.....

I work for Delta Airlines, we do not require any id for children under 13 unless they are traveling as an unaccompanied minor. For unaccoompanied minors you must show proof that you are the custodial/guardian of the child. But since you are traveling with your children then all you must have is the proper identification for yourself. Such as a driver's licesnce or state id. If traveling to another country, Mexico and Canada now as well, then you would have to obtain a passport for you and your children. Birth certificates used to be suffice, but as of March 06 all travelers, including crew members must have proper passport verification. Have a great trip, and I hope this helps.

This one, I am 100% certain of. I will be taking my 6 year old grandson to Kauai next month. I called the airline (Delta) to ask what type of identification I would need. I was informed that ANYONE under the age of 18, requires NO I.D. But... I am taking no chances and so I will bring a copy (which is absolutely acceptable) of his birth certificate. If you have any concerns at all, call the airline with which you are traveling. Have a most excellent and safe trip!
OOPS! I didn't see kata226's reply. Yep! Delta travelers under (I was told 18) requires no I.D.

prolly passports and maybe a city card will do just fine .. not sure havnt been traveling in a while now

?ï?øl?[loves silliman& redbull!]
If you live in the US no...You don't. But if you live in another country, they need passports.

The Vampire Thing-A-Majig
all u realyy need is a city card( school id, membership card, ect.)
showing identity

For domestic travel, you will need 2 forms of id...birth certificate and a medicare/healthcare card or equivalent, showing their names and yours just to be safe. If its international travel you MUST have a passport. In any event, photocopy all relevant docs but also take originals as some airports only take the real thing. Have a Great trip!

Mark d
If travelling abroad, you need a passport. If you are flying from within the USA to Disney, you will need his original birth certificate. Many DHS people wont accept copies. Originals are always the best, but keep it safe! Replacing birth certificates are EXPENSIVE (i know from first hand experience!)

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