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What happens if I change my name after booking a flight?

I booked an International flight from Japan to Australia a while in advance. I have since got married and changed my surname. Can I change the name on the ticket (still a few months before the flight) or do I have to cancel and rebook which will probably leave me unable to get a seat?
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John K, of course I called the airline directly. And the travel agent and even immigration. They won't give us any info. It is too early apparently and plus this is Japan - NO DEFINITE ANSWERS. By the way, you seem very rude.

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Just have the document showing that you were married. We experienced the same thing, and the airline was very understanding. We get that sort of thing all the time.

You don't have to change it in the ticket. All you need is to carry a document substantiating your name change.

hey dear
when u made the original booking u must have had your old Passport....
just show the airline authorities ,.. your old and new passport...old name and changed surname and marriage cert if asked for ... and that should b enough for them to change your name and issue u another ticket.....
it should b absolutely fine...
coz i have my US visa in my maiden name and my passport with my husbands surname ... just keep all documents with u at all times.... for proof.. and no one can trouble u about your travel and reservations ..
and as you mentioned there's still a few months to go ..
well, u have enough time to get in touch with the airline authorities...
good luck

Do you still have your old ID? If so, I would just use that. I know a few people who've changed their last name, but still have their old names on some bills, documents, etc. If you don't still have it and the airlines won't help you over the phone, I'd bring your new ID and a copy of your marriage certificate and maybe a copy of your birth certificate to the check-in counter so that they know you're who you say you are. Make sure they're just copies, because you don't want to take originals with you to another country and then lose them.

The primary issue is that you can prove you are the same person for whom the ticket was issued. For international flights, this would require the name on the ticket and your passport are the same, so if you are still to do that, it may not be a problem.

Airlines can re-issue the ticket, but generally charge a fee for that. They should not require you to cancel the ticket. They should be able to reissue it in your married name.

knight girl
Take what ID you have and your marriage certificate to prove your name change. I have had to this on a cruise before.

I would think all you would have to do is provide your marriage certificate to the airport personel during check long as you have ID in your new name, and your certificate and a piece of ID with your old name, you should be fine.

And you're right, John K wasn't very pleasant......

John K
ever think of callin the airline instead of waisting ur time on this ????

Lord OF The Darkness
you don't have to change it or the police will catch you and put you in the prison.

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