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What happens if you're born in a plane?

You become a citizen of which country?
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what if your parents were born in a country..but not citizens of it..

would you become a citizen of the country you were flying closest to?

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Well, there are several possible answers. Although this hasn't played out very thoroughly in the courts of various nations for babies born on airplanes (mostly because airlines try not to get involved with inflight-births, and don't let nearly-due mothers onboard) it has been pretty thoroughly played out in relation to births on the high seas, and that gives pretty good guidance.

If the plane is on the ground (you didn't say) the obvious answer is that the baby will be a citizen (or at least a national) of the country where the plane is.

The child will also (regardless of whether the plane is on the ground, in the air over land, or in the air over high seas) likely be a citizen (or national) or the country or countrues of the parents' citizenship.

If the plane is aloft but over land (or over territorial waters) the baby will likely be a citizen (or national) of whatever country the plane is over.

And let us not forget the matter of registry of the plane! The baby may acuire citizenship (or at least nationality) from the registration of the plane, if the plane is not over land or over territorial waters.

the airlines wouldnt even let your mum be on the plane!!!

I really don't think pregnant women are supposed to be on a plane...

Lauren E
which ever you were born in....or you could stay high all your life...
Happy New years =)

the country your parents are from

i dont think your accually aloud to fly when your super pregnate, but if you are born on a plane you become a citizen of where your parents are citizens

first of all.. if a mother is far enough along to be close to deliver they are not allowed to fly. if they were delivering prematurely then you would be a citizen of the parents country.

Brett K
Pretty sure most expecting mothers are discouraged from taking any flights...

I like that answer ^

Daisy C
most expecting mothers arnt allowed to take any flights at their 2nd semester but if that were to happen the baby would be a regestered in th country that the plane landed in

since we've already established this is no longer plausiable... something to keep in mind...

the airplane is on the "territory" of the country it departed from until it touches down at its arrival destination. so if you're traveling from NY to London... and you're "born" over the atlantic... you are an american citizen.

im pretty sure that it would be the country the plane is in at the time the baby is born, but then the child would have a passport from the country they were born in and the country their parents live in, but the child must choose what passport they wish to continue with/ must choose one country they are from at the age of 7 or 10. I am not sure if this is accurate, but it is what i have been told.

really hope this helped


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