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What happens if you miss the return flight on a round trip ticket?

Will they fine you and make you pay what would have been the fare of a one-way ticket?

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Eneida M
Call the airline. They make you pay a fee for a new traveling date. I paid $90.00 (two years ago) to AA for that same reason. Look at your ticket restrictions carefully. Some airlines will not give you a refund or re-schedule you if you miss the return portion of an international ticket without proper notice. Policy of AA : you need to notify AA by midnight of the original flight or will lose the entire value of the ticket. If you notify in time you can fly standby the same day (not sure if there is a fee) or reschedule for a later date/time for a $100 fee ($200 if international).

Robert P
I flew to Arizona recently and had a date mixup on my ticket that I never even noticed. I was supposed to return on a Sunday but the ticket was printed for Saturday. When I showed up on Sunday and the rep told me it was for yesterday I figured I'd have to pay something to get it changed but she said she'd take care of it and redid the ticket for sunday without charging me anything. That was frontier airlines and I suppose it may depend on how many available seats there are still on a plane.

Jake K
Technically an airline may be able to pursue the additional cost of a one-way fare, but in practice, this never happens. You'll simply lose the ability to use the return portion after the flight date.

Lets say your flight is at 800AM and you miss it. The next flight is at 1000AM. The airline will most likely let you stand by for that flight, and if there is a seat available, you can fly for no charge. Standby is good for any flight the same day, on MOST airlines. If your flight is Sunday and you dont show up, but come to the airport on Monday your ticket will show suspended and will have no value, if its a nonrefundable ticket, which most are. If its fully refundable it should still have value for your return. If you call ahead and cancel the flight you are going to miss, if its going to be a different day, you can use the return portion with a change fee, usually of $100, but sometimes less, depending on the airline. A lot of people dont know this. They just dont show up if they have to cancel a trip and lose the ticket. Just because a ticket is non-refundable doesnt mean its worthless if you dont take that trip! This is even the case with a trip that you dont take at all. You can use that ticket on the same airline for a different trip, minus the change fee for 90 days to a year, depending on the airline. This is all a bit complicated, so talk to the airline or your travel agent and find out the rules of your ticket. Dont make assumptions.

Hi,,, usually, you get on the next flight out !! go to the ticket counter and find out,, you may have to pay a small fine or something ,, good luck

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