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What is considered to be carryon luggage???!!!??HELP!!!!?

ok, so im as of right now, A NERVOUS WRECK!!!!! im so scared of flying, and last night i was trying to fall asleep, and i was wondering if a purse is considered to be carryon luggage. does that mean if it is then i have to put my lotion in a one quart baggie???!!!??? im really serious about this, PLEASE ONLY SERIOUS ANSWERS, im scared and a nervous wreck as it is!! Thank yall so much God Bless♥♥ o yeah, and also, when i get on the plane, i can keep my purse on my lap right?? im gunna have my ipod, and my digital carmea in there. Thanx again!! (as if u cant tell, this is my 1st flight, and im gunna be ALL BY MYSELF so please help me!!
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Flying is a piece of cake. I've been halfway around the world this year and from coast to coast in the US. You are allowed a carry-on and a purse. You can keep the purse with you, but they'll make you put it on the floor during take-off and landing. But you can keep your "stuff" with you. Yes - put your liquid lotion in a baggie.
A carry-on can be any piece of luggage, duffel bag, or whatever that is not too big to fit in the overhead bin.

Don't be worried about flying - it is really a piece of cake and very safe. It is fun, if you can get past being nervous. Just take it easy and listen to the'll go fine. May God go with you on your journey.

Ashleigh H
Most airlines have one piece of carry on and then a personal item as carry on for coach class.
Carry on is a backpack or small suit case that dimensions vary depending on which airline you are travelling.
A personal item can be a ladies purse, brief case, or even garment bag for a suit.
Remember liquid and liquefied products are limited to 3oz. since the attempted terrorist attacked in London in August.
I would recommend you check out whichever airline's website you are travelling with, or there general information line, or the TSA website.

carry on luggage is like pills,purses,i wouldn't bring your camera i think its considered a weapon do to the flash check that out though or just be on the safe side and put it in you other luggage, then like a change of clothes if you are flying over night,tooth brush hair brush, remember no clippers, pocket knifes, sharp objects,um anything that you could possibly hurt someone with,put it in under luggage, basically relax with pills, purse, and ipod. hope this helps.

Carry-on has to be able to fit into the overhead compartment or under your seat.
I believe the dimensions are about 25-30 inches square. Not sure.
Call the airline or check it out on line they all have specific rules.
here's a link to FYI's about airline travel

here's another

Margaret K
All carry-ons go either in the storage over your head or under your seat. Put your purse under the seat so you'll see it at all times. You are limited to two carry-on bags and with most flights packed at this time of the year, they will count your purse as one.
This link gives you the TSA's link for information on Air Travel:

They also have information on other forms of travel but since you haven't flow before there is good information on what to expect, what you can and cannot take on the plane, what to expect at security, etc. It covers really well the whole issue with the liquids and the baggie issue. You should be fine with the camera but make sure that if it is digital, you let them know before it gets through the scan. I haven't flown with my digital camera-just my laptop which can go through the scan.

You will do great. Flying is not bad. Don't get yourself worked up over it and just try to relax. Once you are up in the air and they let you use your ipod, you will be able to sit back and listen to some music. Have fun!

Can't keep it on your lap sorry, you have to put it under the chair, just put like the strap of your purse around your foot so you know it's there(sounds stupid but my friend does it all the time it's the only way she'll fly with her purse) or you can buy one of those little luggage locks and put that on your purse for the time that you're taking off. You'll be fine btw, flying is alot of fun, I love it. Best wishes.

I know, I know!!!!
Relax. Go to the airline website that you are flying on. I bet they will explain alot of their rules on there. Good Luck, I think once you get in the air you will love it. Nothing to it at all, in fact it's fun!
Merry Christmas.

Yes, u can keep your purse and it's contents(after they pass security) on your lap. A carry-on would be like a briefcase, a laptop, or even an overnight bag. As long as you can fit it in the overhead storage or under the seat. You will be fine! It's soooo much better than driving, and nothin to it! Have fun!

Donna W
You can't carry your lotion or other liquid in your purse now... so put in in your checked bag.

You can stow your purse in the area at your feet during take off and landing. You can have it out at other times.

Try these two sites to stay updated on airport security issues:

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