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What is the difference between carry on and checked baggage?

I am getting ready for my first flight and I am confused about what is allowed where in my luggage. I get the concept of the quart bag and no liquids or aresols or gels over 3 ounces, but does that go in my carry on or checked? I am assuming that checked will be my large suitcase. I would be grateful for any help.

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The liquid limitation is for your carry-on bags only. You can put any liquids you want (no matter what size container) in your checked bags. If you're not going to need it during your flight (i.e. some sort of medicine, lotion, etc.) it's easier to just put it all in your checked baggage and not have to deal with it at the security checkpoint.

Carry on is what you actually bring on the plane with you, like a phone, a gameboy, a camera.... stuff like that. I usually put that stuff in a book bag, or if you're a girl then a big purse might do. Checked luggage is what the airport takes that you get back once you arrive at your destination.

Good luck on your flight. The takeoff is GREAT :)

A carry on is the bag you take on the plane; you carry it on in your own hands. The checked bag is taken by the airline and placed in a compartment under the plane.

checked goes under, and carry is carry on the plane and place in the above compartment

Your checked bag gets stowed under the plane, so not with you when you fly. Your carry on should have only things that you will need in the cabin while you fly. Examples, books, magazines, iPod, a snack, any medication you need, sunglasses, CHEWING GUM (helps pop your ears) your cell phone etc. You will also be allowed to have your purse if you carry one.

Some people try to carry on everything, like their clothes and things so they don't have to worry about picking up their luggage after they fly, but if you have a big suitcase, you have to check it anyway, so just pack a small bag of things that will make your flight more comfortable.

Relax and have a nice flight!

OK. A carry-on is basically something for your snacks, basic cosmetics, and games/puzzles to occupy you on the flight. It stays with you on the plane. Your checked baggage is for your clothes and toiletries for your trip. It gets put away somewhere else on the plane.

About your quart bag problem, I wouldn't put it in your carry-on just to be safe. Hope that helps!

a carry on is like a purse you carry it on to the air plane or what ever you can even take pillows and blankets on some planes a checked baggage is something like a suitcase a bag with all your packed clothing and etc. they put that in the bottom of the plane and they do that with the animals to but they are nice and gentle with animals

you only need to put liquids in a ziploc bag if it's in your carry-on. anything can go in your checked

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