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What would be the rule on bringing a cake on a plane?

We're going to Disney for my 1yr Anniversary and I want to bring the top pf my wedding cake. They would probably take it away I guess, but does anyone know for sure?
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I was just wondering if they'll make a big deal out of the icing (saying it's some kind of "paste" or whatever). Which I'm sure they would.

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Why do I find this question so funny/ yet such a practical question? Actually I fly quite often and have brought numerous food items on board. Since the new TSA rules (see ), they don't seem to care about it as long as it's a solid (not liquid). I've flown from DC to Chicago 3 times since August and broungt muffins and rice crispy treats on board - no problem and no questions asked.

Please dont' tell me you got married at disney world??

Also - you can bring your cake on the plane but don't leave it out in the rain :)

Check with the airlines. Because of heightened security, you can not bring food as a carry-on. However, you should be able to check it in as baggage (considering that it is well-packed).

You can always mail it to yourself, as well.

I hope that helps.

Beach Gal
I agree. Call your airline. I say, why fuss with it on the plane and when you land? It's a sweet thought, but it will really be a hassel, I think. I say enjoy it before you go or when you return instead.

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Have fun!

Nick Nick
Why can't you bring food? You should be able to.

Sparkleberry333 (Box 2)
I would call the airport, or airline and ask. That is soooo sweet. Take care. God Bless you and yours

Brian Da Dog
I would have to say it would be checked luggage.

The only way to be sure would be to call the airline ahead of time, just to check....that way youll be eating the cake instead of the airport employees::))

Send your cake by Fed-Ex or UPS.
It will get there safe and sound.

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