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When switching planes do I need to reclaim and recheck my luggage?

I've never flown before so I don't know the proper procedure. I heard that if you switch planes from the same airline then you don't need to recheck your luggage, it just follows you. I am switching planes and flying with the same airline, but I'm flying from Atlanta to Canada, and I don't know if I need to reclaim and recheck because I'm flying to a different country. Thanks in advance for all the help!

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No you do not need to get your luggage. The airlines are suppose to send it to your final destination. How do you think luggage is lost all the time. Happen to me when I went to Alaska. I arrived in blue jeans and my winter clothes were still in Seattle,WA. The air lines told us that we could pick up our luggage in two days. I was on my way to Barrow, Alaska in the morning and I wasn't wearing jeans to the top of the world and needed my clothes. I told the air lines to refund my $500 for the ticket or get my clothes now. We all had our clothes by midnight delivered to our hotels. After that, I only carry on my luggage no matter where I fly. Good luck.

usually they sen your baggage though which is why they LOSE over 1 million bags a month. dont stress just pack smart go to rick and follow his packing tips ad just carry on a bag, you will be much happier when you do sit there with out clothes, just remember people dont usse more thn half the clothes hey take on vacation with them , so be happy, pack less and , oh yeah be happy.

When you check in at the airport counter, be sure to ask them to check your bags through to the final destination. If you are sticking to the big airlines, they should be able to do that, even to a city in the Great White North. It's as simple as that. By the way, we have snow on our mountain tops here in southern British Columbia now.

Same carrier your bag should follow you. Reclaim once you get to Canada. Put your address inside your bag and on an outside tag.

NO . . . However that is where luggage is sometimes sent on a different flight and gets lost. Don't worry - Just take your chances the way we all do. (frequent flyer)

When travelling from somewhere to the US, you always need to reclaim your luggage at the first point of entry. I believe it's the same with Canada. After you pass customs and passport control, recheck your luggage (they'll have a special spot to do that) and then pick it up at your final destination.

Raymond R
No; not as long as you have your luggage checked through.

only on the first port of entry any other time no you don't need too !! when immigration and customs require !!

You shouldn't have to. Your luggage will transfer on its own. Be sure to pack your necessities in your carry-on, though, because occasionally luggage does get lost or on the wrong flight. So if you have medication, contacts or other things you have to have, take them with you. Along with spare underwear or something like that!

Flying is great. If you haven't done it before, it can be a different experience. Just give yourself plenty of time to check in and get through security. I like the Atlanta airport, actually. If you transfer at O'Hare in Chicago, that's a big airport ... so I'd suggest that if you land there, haul butt over to your connecting flight before stopping for a snack or latte. Sometimes you don't have a lot of time between flights.

Good luck and enjoy your trip! I'm jealous! :-)

upon checking-in your luggage at the departure area, ask the personel who checks your luggage if you need to reclaim it or not so that you'll have peace of mind.

Nope!!! You dont need to worry about your luggage... Have a nice trip!!!

On all US arriving flights you will be required to pick up your bags after clearing Passport Control in the Baggage Claim and then have it clear Customs with you. After clearing customs you will need to follow the signs to the transit counter where you will check it in to your final destination. Your bag should be tagged to the final destination so all you will need is a boarding pass and your passport. In Europe your bag will be taken onto the next flight for you. I went from Israel-SFO via Germany and my bag wen through to the next flight. So international-international flights you don't need to clear your bags through customs this is only done for domestic flights.

Enjoy your first of many air trips. This is the best answer since I have done this a lot.

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