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Which airlines do you know that don't charge FULL price for a 2 year old?

It still boggles the mind WHY they charge full price for a 2 year old even tho it's a seat on the plane.......they should charge 1/2 price at least until the age of 5 or 6. But let me know which airlines don't charge the full airfare for toddlers, we want to do a family vacation to Hawaii next year May.

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Airlines charge by seat, which is why heavy passengers have to buy 2 seats. Should a 4-ft passenger be charged less than a 6-ft passenger? The only way you might be able to do it is if they will allow the child to ride on your lap in your seat. I think they only allow this if the child is under 24 months though. Southwest Airlines does this & I think Continental used to as well. They will require proof of age though at check-in, i.e. birth certificate or passport. A tip on Hawaii, don't let a travel agent con you into adding hopper flights to the other islands at $100 each. Once you are in Hawaii, there are hopper deals all over the place for $30-40 per leg.

no airline in AUSTRALIA does. I would speak with someone higher in the chain of comand. dont just look on the net go in person to the airline or travel agent

A travel agent would be your best bet for this sort of thing.

Also, it would help to know what country you're in.

You child takes up a whole seat that they can sell to a full price passenger.

I'm sorry, but there are no airlines that do not charge full price for a 2 year old. A seat is a seat, regardless of whether the passenger is 2 years old or 72 years old.

What do you expect the airline to do? Sell half the seat to someone else? If you're that concerned over it, you should leave the child at home. Toddlers really don't belong on a long flight anyway. It's nice that you want to do a family vacation, but realistically, a 2 year old isn't going to remember or appreciate it. You should leave him with his grandparents. And then do the trip when he is 5 or 6, when he actually has half a shot of remembering that he even took the trip.

International flights charge 75% of hte adult fare for children age 2-12. its a seat, and if they charged you 10% or 50% and you and 20 other families had 2 year olds they would not mae much money. Seats= Revenue at the highest rate possible.

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