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Why do you have to chew gum while your on a plane?

Also: What kind of gum is best?

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It helps your ears pop.
Some people will be affected by quick changes in elevation that will "muffle" sounds until their ears "pop". Chewing gum helps.

I didn't know you had to. It that a new TSA regulation????

ummm !
You don't have to but i does help your ears not to get plugged on the take off

I think its so your hears don't pop.

You don't have to chew gum, people who do alot of traveling suggest you chew gum, any gum, to help with the pressure in your ears. By chewing the gum, the action of your jaw helps to equalize the pressure changes in you're ears, instead of "popping" your ears, risking blowing out an ear drum.

You don't have to, but the chewing motion helps to clear the Eustachian tubes - the ones between your throat and your ears. This will help relieve pressure build up in the ears - which can be quite painful for some people.

By chewing gum or sucking on candy/sweets it helps to balance out the pressures in the ears when changing altitude so that the popping and discomfort is less..Thats why they suggest feeding babies on take off and landing to help minimize the problem for them.

i think that chewing gum on a plane is really good because not only does it prevent your ears from popping it is also suthing and relaxing by chewing gume no t only does it loosen the pressure on your ears it makes your trip a whole lot less irratating.

i think the best gum to chew would would be fruit sensations long lasting flavor any one woud be awsome for you trip

You chew gum to encourage your ears pop. I also find yawning or swallowing works the same if not better.
The best kind of gum would be probably be bubble gum.

You don't have to chew gum, but some people say that it helps with the pain in your ears when landing, personally I don't think that it works. I've tried it many times, without success. I also think that Stride is the best, it lasts a long time, they also have lots of flavors :)
Have a nice trip :]

you don't have to chew gum while on a plane

Judie(((ST JUDE KIDS)))
So your ears will pop,you just have to chew it on take off and landing.Actually you don't have to chew it but it really helps.

swallowing a lot makes your ears pop, so gum is an obvious choice. it doesn't matter what kind of gum, as long as you're chewing it!

You don't have to chew gum, but it can sometimes help with the pressure changes in the cabin during the flight.

In the airplane, the pressure in the cabin changes as you go up or down, making your ears "pop." If they don't pop, they can hurt. Chewing gum helps them to pop. But often they will pop even if you don't do anything, and there are other ways to encourage them to pop.

The pop occurs when the pressure inside your ear and outside your ear are not the same (as the plane goes up or down). Your eustachian tubes (tubes inside your head that connect your ear to your mouth), which are normally closed, will open for just a second to allow the pressure to equalize inside and outside your ears. When this happens, you hear a popping sound. As the airplane goes up or down, your ears will feel a little "fat" and plugged, but when they pop, they go back to normal.

Chewing gum moves muscles in your head that helps encourage the eustachian tubes to open. Swallowing air and yawning also do this. But often you don't have to do anything, as your ears will tend to pop on their own when necessary (unless you have a cold or something that blocks the eustachian tubes).

The kind of gum doesn't matter. It's the chewing motion that does it.

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