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Will airport security let me through if I have a metal plate in my leg?

In June I had a metal plate inserted in my leg. It set off the metal detectors at my work and various other places. In April I'm traveling to Scotland, do I need to bring anything that says I have a plate in my leg

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Yes fine, you just have to remove your leg first.

I have a metal plate and screws in my neck and the metal detector didn't even go off. I was worried about the same thing so I called the airline and they said it was fine. You didn't say where you live, though, I live in the U.S. and flew Miami to Boston. Call the airline and let them know, they'll advise you. Safe trip:)

You will be allowed through security. The most important thing will be to make sure you inform the security personnel of the plate before going through the screening. A note from your doctor might be a good idea as well.

I have a metal plate and screws in my leg, and ankle. I have flown several times and never set off a metal detector. My doctor told me that the stainless steel that they use in your body should not set one of them off. I never have. I imagine that if it did the scars would be sufficient proof. Bring a note from your doctor just to give you some peace of mind.

Your doctor should give you a card explaining your condition. Show that to security and there will be no problems at all.

I've had metal rods and screws in my right leg for over 10 years. They have set off the security bells only once. I told them, at that point, that I had metal in my leg. They asked me to roll up my pant leg and then they waved the wand by it. It buzzed and then they let me through, no problem. If I were you I would avoid telling TSA in advance - if you do, they will almost certainly pull you off to the side and do a full manual screening. It takes longer and shouldn't be necessary.

They will let you through. It would probably be best to have a doctors note just in case. Of course expect extra screening.

Yes! Make sure you let the screener know of your condition; they should just pat you down to verify that the metal is actually inside of you.

It's been awhile
My brother has metal in his legs from an accident a few years back. He brings the original letter on his doctor's stationary and if they ask any further questions he simply shows them the scars. They sometimes use a handheld metal detector. However, he usually does not set the detector off.

I have a steel post in my wrist. when flying I get a notarized Dr letter stating what it is. They accept the letter and no other metal is found.

Will be less of a hassle if you take along a letter from your surgeon. I carry one with me for the same reason.

yeah they should my grandad has the same thing and they check it with the wand and everything but after a while they believe him that he has a metal knee and so they let him on threw but he says it gets a little annoying after a while

i would get something from my doctor just in case.

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Call the airports you will be flying out of and into and ask what the policy of each is for this kind of situation. My instinct is that you will need some sort of signed medical documentation, but someone at the airports should be able to tell you what standard procedure is and what to have with you to make things go smoothly. Good luck!

a doctors note and or xray of your leg.

robert m
Mention it before you get there.

Might be a good idea to have a note from your Dr. explaining it. You don't want to be detained unnecessarily.

should have some kind of proof
i think they will frist you frst then let you through

These TSA pricks will probably just shoot ya.

Graham stuart
I personally found the advise i read on here resuring and helpful thanks very much everyone.

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