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Niko b

can i bring a zippo lighter on an airplane?

i am moving from hawaii to washington and i need to know if i can bring a zippo on an airplane. because if not i have to wait a few months to get it.

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The vast majority of answers given thusfar for this question have been completely wrong. The links below indicate that the TSA allows unsealed lighters (such as Zippo lighters) and other common lighters to be carried onboard an aircraft in carry-on luggage, unless the lighter is a torch-style lighter.

Further, the people who are stating that it will be fine in checked luggage are also potentially giving poor advice, because used Zippos may not be placed in checked luggage unless it is both drained in fuel and placed in an approved carrying case. If you cannot do both of those things, then your options are to take it onboard or leave it at home. Note that the Zippo can only be placed in checked luggage without the case, according to the second link below, if it has never been filled with fuel.

What nako said - lots of uninformed people here!

Absorbed fuel lighters (zippos) and soft flame butane lighters have been allowed in carry on since 2007. NO lighters are to be in checked luggage unless in an approved DOT case.

Torch lighters have always been banned.

Roger K
Thanks goodness that there are a few people like nako and herfnerd who have actually read the TSA information and can provide the correct answers. Believe them.

All the responses that say to put it into your checked luggage are wrong. Lighters are prohibited in checked luggage unless they are empty or in a special transport case.

In an article by Jonathan Duvy he stated that the Transportation Security (TSA) has obtained approval for lighters to be carried on airplaines.

Jackson Jackson
I've done it lately. I fly a lot, I've had a couple of times that I've had them want to take it and I have to send it to myself. Most of the time I get through.

Steve Uselman
You cannot carry lighters into the passenger cabin, but the TSA website says you can carry lighters in your baggage under certain conditions, but torch lighters are however banned. Here's a link for you:

Sandy K
No you can not,they will take it away from you and not return it.

only it it hasnt been filled or is empty and it may have to be in your checked bag


~ke$ha tiK toK~ tildes~
No, you can't bring lighters. Sorry...they're trying to keep us safe

You could spend that couple of months waiting for the lighter or getting to know the FBI.

I'm just kidding, if you put it in a checked bag you should be fine,

You can't carry it on. You can put it in your checked luggage.

Bubble Girl
why don't you just put it in your luggage that will be stored underneath the cabin

No DA, no lighters!

maybe in your checked bags. Call your airline.

Put it in your check in luggage.

no lighters on planes.

remembre that whole 9/11 thing??

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