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the runner

can i fly an airline plane even if i wear glasses?

someone told me that i couldn't become an airline pilot because i wear glasses, is this true!

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Jodi F
DO NOT LISTEN TO THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE SAYING YOU CANT FLY PLANES! they have no idea what they are talking about. My husband is an airline pilot. You can be a pilot and wear corrective lenses (glasses) you may NOT however, fly with hearing aid devices. I know this because pilots have to go a bi-yearly health check up in order to keep their licence. Seriosuly, do not listen to those people!

my sons dream was to be an airforce pilot...and in the books I have bought him on how to become one, clearly states you are NOT allowed to fly a airplane without having 20/20 vision...of course unless it is your own aircraft...
It totally blew his bubble, for he will never have 20/20 vision even with his dream is gone...I told him not to give up he can still work on them and such...He soo wanted to fly...not only that he also talks in his sleep, and that is another NO NO, because you can be talking top secret stuff...we also learned from his half brother who just came out of the army, and he was a jumpmaster that he would not be able to fly or be in the airforce unless he stopped that talking of his at's all in the airforce sorry if this discourages you as well...It heart breaks for all who want to do this, but can't....My poor son is 14 now and he has always wanted to fly...perhaps one day he will have a chance just to fly a private plane or something like that...

I believe that you cannot become a pilot unless you have perfect vision. get eye surgery if you really want to do it. I had it done and now i can see- it's amazing.

Ape Sith
You can not fly a plane professionally or with the military, if you have corrected vision, including laser surgery.

Not sure about an airline pilot, but it wont stop you from being able to fly planes in general.

I've seen pilots who wear glasses so I would say that is not true to a point. I think you have to have eye sight of a certain point that can be corrected to 20/20, but I'm not sure.

Maybe check with a local flight school and see if they have current requirements for professional pilots. Since you have to have a pilots license before you can go through the individual airlines training program they should know what the requirements are.

Jody F is right !

Well you have to have 20/20 vision to fly an airplane. So most likely you wouldn't be able to unless you got contacts or lasik surgery. I"m sorry

eric c
yes as long as i'm not the passenger

Chelzey Dagger
Completely untrue.

As long as you wear your glasses (or contacts are even better) you can be a pilot.

False. Unless you are planning to be a stewardess that is when you can't wear your glasses. Pilots are fine.

debra k
I don't believe that is true! If your glasses have perfect vision, and you keep your eyes checked, you should be able to be a pilot!

im not completly sure but probaly not i mean that would be nonsence because if you can see alright with them on then you should be fine

☆ღWifey Wifeyღ☆
No. I have a friend that has a lazy eye and he's a pilot. LOL! I would never let him fly me though!

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