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can you take a skateboard on an airplane?

I am packing up my stuff to leave out of town. And I really need to take my skateboard with me on the plane.Is it allowed or do I have to pack it somewhere else?

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Angry Rebellious Cobra
i think you have to pack it, so it won't be in the way or risk being stolen, the only time you can have your skateboard is on greyhound busses. thats cool so when you sit next to someone you can say yeah i skate!
i sk8 to

i travel a lot i mean a lot. my friend skate boards and she brings her skateboard with her every time she goes on the airplane. but she doesn't go with me. you have to pack it in a carry on bag or in your suitcase. but if you want to bring it with you put it in your carry on bag.

J-ville boy
You can carry-it on board.

You should invest in one of those backpacks where you can hold the skateboard on the back. I don't see why you wouldn't be allowed to take it on. You should call the airline just to make sure. Have a safe flight!

i don't know but once they let me put my skimmer board (one of those bourds that you use to ride across shallow water) into the luggage hold with no extra charge!!

devin .
uh...I think you can..I fly often and I might of seen someone carrying one.

Apple Pie Eater
u hAVe to pack it as carry on

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