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how long before my flight leaves do i need to be at the airport?

if my flight leaves at 2pm what time should i go to the airport at i was thinking getting there at 12 is that about right? its for a flight to greece so not long haul.

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I always arrive two hours before my plane leaves. This allows for security and check in. Yes, you may be waiting but it's the only guarantee against crap happening. Just bring a good book and money. Go to the shops and look around.

we always allow 3 hours just in case of heavy traffic. also....extra security at airports now take longer....better be safe than sorry.

2 hrs in advance if its an International flight and not a peak travel season. Be there by 10.

Dakota H
I am a pilot for US Airways, and I recommend

45 minutes-1 Hour for domestic. But, depending on hour busy the airport is, I would tweak this time a little. Flying out of Grand Rapids, MI and Chicago Ohare are two different wait times.

2-2.5 Hours International, just because of all the random TSA checks, and security measures. Passport stamps, etc etc.

Enjoy your flight.

You need to be there 2 -3 hours and get checked in

One hour before departure for domestic flights, 2-3 hours prior for international is the general rule of thumb

it might help to state what country you are in
yahoo answers is world wide fourm so I live in Los Angeles
and fly tio greece from los angeles would be long hall
since Athens has had lot of problems i would even get there
ealier say 11am or 10am they should have stepped up secuirty
but there have been at least 3 incients where terriorts have placed
bombs on the aircraft or hijack them
and both planes had stopped in Athens..
one TWA plane bomb blew up
and other TWA plane was hijack TWA 847 i think it was)
and i belive other planes have been hijack from there t00
so get to the airport ealrier the better

your meant to check in 2 hours for a european flight and 3 hours for a long haul flight. check in desks usually close 45 mins before departure

12 is ok but I'd aim for half past. The main thing to bear in mind is that security checks can slow you down and if you leave it late then you can miss flights. Also a lot of airlines have 45-50 minute cut off times.

If you can, check-in online as it can save a lot of time especially if you're travelling with someone like BA or Lufthansa etc. Then you would only need to go to a bag drop point.

Three hours.

the general rule for domestic flights is 1.5-2 hours before and international flights is 2.5-3 hours i always add atleast 30 minutes to that just to be safe and not feel rushed. so for domestic flights I arrive atleast 2 hours before and for international flights I usually arrive 3.5 hours before departure. But to each his own.

Anabell M
well since your going out of the state you have to be at the airport 2-3 hours before your flight leaves. i hope this was helpful! ^^

Because you will be travelling beyond U.S. borders, it's best to get to the airport 1-2 even 3 hours early! You never know what could delay you, maybe security might pick you to be searched..and open up your suitcase...what if your ticket line is rather long (going out of the country there tend to be longer lines)

Don't leave your baggage unattended. Have a safe trip.

Your SUPPOSE to be there 90 min. prior to departure.
Some airports will give your seat away.
Also don't go too early or they won't let you check-in.

Have a great flight!

For international 2 hours is good. I only do 45 minutes for most flights and I never miss them. However everyone thinks that's wrong, but they end up waiting in the lobby forever.

1-2hours buddy

The Shadow Dweller
Get there about 10 am. You gotta figure the goodbyes, driving time, and everything else.

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