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Jackie M

how much does it cost to fly a dog on a plane if I carry him on?

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Shelley L
Depends on the airline. Some allow pets under 10 lbs in the cabin with you. You must keep them in an approved crate that fits under the seat in front of you. (you can't take them out during flight).

Doing this costs anywhere from $40 - $200, depending on the flight.

Otherwise, you have to send them in baggage - in a crate, you can find all this information on the airlines websites.

BTW.. they only allow a 1 or 2 dogs per flight, Some airlines allow you to pre book. Some don't.. so you could show up at the airline and not be allowed on your flight with your pet if others arrived before you.

Check with your airline and destination.

Gongju K
If your dog is small and will fit in a carrier under the seat infront of your then you can carry your dog on to the plane.
the costing depends on the airline. It costs well over 150 dollars on average.

If it's a large dog then you will have to put them in the cargo bin unfortunately. I don't know the cost of that since i have a small dog.

You will also need a health certificate within a month of the plane ride from the vet.

call the airlines to get the details you need. but if i remember right, you will need all up to date shots and vet records, also a clearance letter from the vet. and if the airlines allow you to "carry on" your pet, you will have to buy a seat/ticket as a regular passenger for your pet.
but like i the airlines to get the answers you need.

Jackie, it depends on the airline. The cost will be between $100 and $200 each way.


About as much as a white cane and a pair of dark glasses. $40 max.

You can't carry a dog on a plane.

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