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Do Filipina women from the Philippines make better wife's then American women?

Why does it seem like most Filipina woman is more grateful and appreciative for the simple things in life? Why does it seem like Filipina women do not try to take over the marriage and try to rule there house like some of American women do? Why does it seem like some American women are more materialistic and money hungry and more concerned about being a career woman and proving there equality while neglecting there husbands and children, then being a loving wife and mother? Just wondering ;)

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Well you can look at it that way, or you can look at it this way..
I think as a woman I am just more open minded than what you described above. I love taking care of my house and kids when I have my nieces and nephews over. But I'm not going to just let my man rule the house. I have thoughts, opinions, and feelings as well. I tell him every night before we go to bed that I love and appreciate him, and I show him every chance I get. But he also loves and appreciates that I keep him informed on my feelings. I don't think just one person can rule the house, love is about compromise. I think phillippine men might think they are happy, but I disagree. How can you truly be in love if you live like a slave? Don't get me wrong, I do the dishes, laundry, and cooking, but he helps. We both work, and both realize that we need to give a little. I got home from a horrible day at work late yesterday, guess what he had cleaned the ENTIRE house! And tonight he works late so I'm cooking him something special. Its all about compromise. Also, I love that we can debate about our ideas. I wouldn't have it any other way. I don't think Americans have it better than Phillippines or the other way around. I just think you have to find that equal medium. I also disagree that American woman are money hungry and materialistic. I actually take great offense to that. If I had the choice I would LOVE to be a stay at home mom, but I also want my children to be able to go to college so I need to work. I also highly enjoy my work environment, I don't make much money, but I get the opportunity to work with children and I can give them attention they don't get at home. I think you need to be a little more appreciative and open minded about other cultures. I don't think your culture is wrong, its just the way you choose to live. As long as the individual is happy that's all that matters.
*Happily working woman*

Not all American women are this way. Not all Philippine women are subservient. I will be damned if I will be subservient to any man.

Because life is harder in the Pines and they are raised with very good family values. Way better compared to Western Societies and thats the truth. But to keep it simple mate they come from a place where family is more important than to get a career that pays really damn good. In my honest opinion I would rather marry a filipina girl. American women are just to head strong for my taste.

HM 10
America breeds a materialistic culture, the imported wife can catch that disease but the American one has it inbreed

I think you are being a little unfair. While there is a significant difference in the American and Philippine cultures / values.... to make these stereotypes is to insult them both.... beyond that your observations are not always valid

Each woman should be evaluated on her individual character... her values and dreams..... race or nationality has no lock on quality..... you can find a compatible mate anywhere.....even America

My beautiful wife is pure Filipina..... she is not perfect BUT then neither am I

Jeremiah Bull Frog
it doesnt matter where the woman is from. its how you get along and how well you treat her and she treats you. it has nothing to do with race or color or religion or anything like that. its how compadable you are together

birdie r
Its culture , culture culture , Filipina women who grew up in the states ,are different than women who grew up in the Philippines .. its culture culture culturee..

but i heard they are pretty hot women in the pI

Not really, it just depends on the girl... Most Filipinas were raised to be obedient and lady-like but so were American country girls... My answer would be they are equal... If couples really love and respect each other then the relationship would be fine... Some Filipinas are materialistic and money hungry too... This often happens to Filipinas who married a foreigner and was brought to the US.. A lot make great wives and mother but a lot also just marry their husbands to get ahead in life then leave them after they become legal in the US... These are the same as American girls... Some US girls are homely and some are not.. Filipina girls are like that too, more jobs and equality are opening up so career becomes a priority.. I guess that it just depends on the level of education, intelligence, and resourcefulness of the girl be it a Filipina or an American girl.. If you treat her right and satisfy her, then you get their best...

Filipinas were raised with a majority of Catholic doctrine and humility and US girls are raised with confidence and independence.. Just 2 different things, depending on how you look at it, that can either make or break a good marriage..

Mr. Nice Guy
American women tend to "liberate" themselves right out of the marriage market. They may end up unmarried ike Gloria Steinem or Oprah.
If you choose a filipina, watch out, she might use you only as a ticket to America.

Race does not have anything to do with who is better. It has more to do with the upbringing of the person and what her life priorities are.

In my opinion, it's not about the race but it's how the women were raised. Here in the Philippines, most of the time we maintain our old customs about courtship and premarital sex but this is not so popular in the city anymore. Now, they only exist in the province. Before, women were supposed to be at home taking care of the kids, the husband and the house, always faithful and sometimes martyr. Then the husband should provide all the needs... food and money then when he gets home the wife should pamper him.

As the technology is becoming more and more advanced, women seem to upgrade themselves too. They became competitive and learn how to fight for their rights. Then they became independent, business-like and career oriented.

Well, just try to avoid those kinda women even if it takes forever!

This is stereotyping. I guess it depends on how you are treating your woman. It has nothing to do with the race. I am a Filipino and yet I don't belong to that category either.

I Bent My Wookie
Join the rest of us in the 21st century.

Because these American women u speak of are the ex-wives of old, wrinkly white men who are now dating the filipinas u speak of. Kidding! ha! well, honestly, u are generalizing. U really think ALL filipinas care oh so much abt their husbands? Some really do care. But others, I doubt it. If u were desperate enough, u would SEEM to care more for your husband, there are many reasons hun :)

* There are some filipinas who are loving and some american women who are also loving. Why the need to categorize these women?

I think more filipinas need careers anyways. It gives them more empowerment.

Pappa Bear
Its not their race that makes them how they are, it is how they were raised.
And you havent met my wife, when you say they dont take over the marriage lol.
I let her be boss most of time.
But really, thats an offensive question. Stereotyping. I know so many pinay and pinoy, and each one is as different, from their values to where they want to go with their life.

Brian F
It is merely due to society and the culture of where the woman comes from. In American society everybody follows the American dream. Which includes gaining lots of money and useless objects and giant homes, etc. Those people are seen as having great and happy lives. Women who fall short of those with dreams or feel they cannot attain them with the lower income husbands become angry and feel useless. In the Philippines there are not as many rich people and money. People dont have all these useless things Americans have. So women have nothing to appreciate but life and their families.

To Mr. Nice Guy... that's not true. Don't generalize. Filipinas don't use Americans as ticket goin' to US. Filipina in general are hard-working and values dignity and we don't depend on others.

Maybe you're referring to some sluts in Philippines.

Creme De Cocoa
Stop feeding into stereotypes, everyone woman wants a man who is able to provide, that doesn't mean she's after his money, what about these loser bums out here that try to leech off of women, now that's something to talk about.

I am married to a fillipina. U.S. women could learn a lot from them. God bless the Philippines.

Anthony C
It's all in teaching. My girlfriend's mother is Filipino, and she has taught her to be modest, loving, not to nag, and all these other things by example as well as by telling. If a girl sees her mother being a nagging, over-driven, domineering mother, she'll likely feel that's how a wife should be. It's part of Filipino culture for the women to be modest and submissive, which, contrary to what prime time sitcoms might tell you, makes for a much happier relationship for both the man and the woman.

most of the ones i've known you sleep around on you. I've slept with several married P.I women. I just didn't know that at the time. They lie good also.

Jenny D
hey that's a very interesting question...
I guess us Filipino is more caring i supposed lol. Filipino will do their best to keep their family happy. They will take good care of their kids and their partner b4 themselves. We are very hardworking too so that's probably why most of diff race like us Filipino than the Americans. We do boss around tho lol.
but i guess it all depends on what kind of a woman u picked tho.
Then maybe It's just part of Filipino culture for us Filipina women to be caring and modest.

Jeff L
Filipina women are flipping sexy!

That's because FILIPINAS rule and that's how we roll. I'm proud to be one!

Yes, American woman, stay away from me. Filipinas are the best!

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