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Eat-All-You-Can Restaurants in Cebu City?

Hey guys! What eat-all-you-can restaurants in Cebu City offer bottomless drinks and a wide variety of food for 250.00 pesos or less. And can you get a discount for a group of twenty five? Thanks!

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Hi there! there are lots of eat-all-you-can restaurants there in Cebu City but what I've known that meets your budget is Joven's (could be in Capitol or mandaue) or at Family"s Choice (Gorordo). They offer less than 200 pesos per person. (- -,)

You can go to Table 7 in ayala... but i dont know if drinks are included...also try Royal Concours... i also dont know if drinks are included. ^^v

ROyal concourse in Ayala costs around 130 to 140 pesos per person inclusive of drinks [variety of fruit drinks only, you have to pay if you want a coke or something] - [032]231-0147. Nice place, clean and lots of halthy foods and some Japanese foods. Joven's grill- somehwat crowded but the price is slightly below that of Royal concourse. The food is great since there are plenty of seafoods served. Majestic restaurant in Mactan Marina Mall. Food is great, place is great. Inclusive of drinks. Costs around 180 pesos per person..

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