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How do you deal with people at work who wants to destroy you?

do you keep going or you quit?

My mother said I'd quit...

your thoughts please?

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♥Down to Earth Lady♥
If they are not endangering your life by using verbal threats or
physical assault than don't quit. Quitting is running from your
problems and running does not solve anything. Notify your
boss in advance so that he or she could be aware of what is
happening to his or her employees and just ignore them.
Sometimes ignoring coworkers who are trying to destroy you
is the best thing to do if it does not concern questions about
work tasks. Do not do anything that will jeopardize your job
especially if you need the money. You are a strong woman
so hang in there! Good luck I am here for you!

i'll give them a war!!!!

Big P
I've been through a similiar situation. All I can say is document everything. Time,date,names,illegal activities,words or statements,accurate details with proof of evidence.
Unfortunately, work place politics is part of the facts of life in this world. Don't try to seek revenge. Let God handle the situation.
Don't wish evil upon anyone. Let God fight your battles.
I witnessed a few people against me lose their job some how.
I don't know how it happen but they were removed from the work place.

Aref H4
If you really need the job, and their intent for murder is manifested, call the police and have them all hauled off to jail.

Or, if you're feeling like going for an "Avenger" show, here's my card. It says "Have Gun, Will Travel."

But, of course, mother knows best. Seek greener pastures.

don't funk with my heart
quitting is like allowing the evil to succeed.
find right timing to talk things over with them-settle issues, accept criticisms (constructive), compromise. its never good working in a 'tensed' environment.

Do your job, and do it well. Don't mind them. If they have time for chismis, they aren't being given enough work to do. Show your bosses that you are a good worker and you won't be the first person they think of firing when someone has to get the boot.

If you are happy with your current job, despite the chismosas and intrigeras out there, stick with it. If you are miserable because of other things besides the blabbermouths, look for greener pastures.

When you apply at another company and they ask why you want to leave your current job, don't tell them "office politics" - say you are looking for "career growth" or "better opportunities", that way you won't look like a quitter. =)

Fight fire with fire...

The best defense is a good offense

Bring out the B-@tCH in you!!!

You go girl!

you shouldn't quit if you believe in yourself and there is good in what you do. maybe your mom is just protecting you from harm. that's what mothers do. but wouldn't she be proud of you if you would succeed? if you quit, they won. they have destroyed you.

Just ignore them. and if it gets worse, you must tell the managers about the situation, or talk to the person about it. Just try to be the bigger man.

little pinay
the best you can do is keep doing your job and just ignore them...

.........ignore them coz they just ruin your day and your credibility in work..... they're just envy of you and would try to find loopholes to put blame on you......the best revenge is to do your best at work always.....

keep on working...unless its your boss who wants to destroy you.

hmm... thats sound crab mentality again. Everywhere you go, what ever you do, you can't please everybody. My advice as long as you are doing your job well, and you have no trouble with your superior keep on working, ignore that person who try to destroy you, he/she will give up and be tired of it. Don't give up your job specially if you like that job, remember ( I assume you are in the Philippines) its hard to find a job now a days.

Master Yoda
mind them you don't. ignore them you do.

Happy Man
Join them!...and kill them later!

Juan C
if war is that they want, I'll give them one...

DESTROY them first. Fight the battle you can win.

annabelle p
The best thing is to ask the people outright what they are doing and why. What is their motive? Sometimes it helps to be open, to thresh it out with could be that you were misunderstood or you misconstrued their actions in a negative way. It helps to clear things between you and those people you think is out to destroy you because it creates a healthy work environment for you all and also, it gives you a very nice feeling to be in rapport with all your officemates.

Strike them! I know they're just jealous with you so talk to one of the beyotch to leave you alone and better to shut their mouth or you will sleep one of their husband or boyfriend.. they will destroy you then you will destroy them too. Just a threath.

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