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How much is the entrance fee at the Manila Ocean Park?

I saw in the website that at its Php 400 per head for adults at the Oceanarium. But aside from that, is there an entrance fee at the Manila Ocean Park? And oh yeah, are cameras allowed? Are DSLRs allowed inside?

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The Entrance Fee for adults is PHP400 (approximately US$10) and PHP350 (approximately US$9) for children.Entrance Fee at Manila Ocean Park only applies to ATTRACTIONS. P99 Musical Fountain Show. Jump and Float at Swimming and Fun! Just present any of your promo receipt to enjoy a 25% off in an inviting water. Enjoy two great attractions of Oceanarium and Musical Fountain Show for P500 only with the Manila Ocean Park's Moonlight Adventure.

john hobart
Cameras are allowed, but remember that everything is practically encased in glass/acrylic tanks and the backlighting in the tanks are not great. using a flash would not be a good idea. don't expect good quality photos. I think that I paid 500php for an entrance fee in april 2008. i didn't think it was worth it though,...not for an adult. for some reason i cannot remember, it took FOREVER to gain entrance after we had paid for our tickets, which made the experience a one time event in my life. NEVER AGAIN will i go there. i'd rather spend my 500php at aristocrat and have a great meal.

a father
We went in August and were very disappointed with this venue. I would suggest you go on and read the post there. It cost us around 1K pesos for 2 kids and 2 adults. To me it was not worth the money.

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