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Music Gal

If China allows only one child per couple, then what happens to their second child?

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Mr Hex Vision
Your question incomplete.

It should be what happens if a couple break the zero-growth polity.

There are cases there a couple can have more than one, two or 5 children and be within the law.

If they go above this all that happens is that they will pay a set fine a year. This fine depends on a number of factors.

Read up on it yourself

Matty . Asia
Simply they get fined, the cost of the fine varies depending on where you are. Also it's not a 1 child policy, it's a population stabilisation policy.

You can have more than 1 child if:
- You're not Han Chinese (there's about 56 minorities)
- You pay the fine
- Are a farmer in a rural area (farming families need more hands)
- Both parents are single children

It's meant to keep the over populated areas from becoming more over populated. So fines in Beijing will be high, and in small areas low.

I live in China and know many people with brothers and sisters.

dry and warm
Good Question..
actually the one child policy is meant to control China's exploding population, but lots of people continue to have more than one child....this policy is supposedly imposed with the help of monetary fines..

Mandy M
It's quite ok these days, they just get fined. or, as my collegue's family did.. they hid the child in the village until it was schooling age. Apparently the kid grew up ok.

If you are minority group, you can have as many kids as you can afford.

There are many ignorant people here, it's obvious they have never set foot outside their own country.

Parents with 2nd, 3rd, even 4th child just pay the monetary fines and sometimes it can be substantial. Even though it is the national 1-child policy, enforcement of fines is up to the provincial authorities far away from Beijing.

I have Chinese friends with more than 1 child and they are happy with life in general.

What Matty-Asia said is true. I live in China.

The whole point of only having one child is that there is NO second child.

Of course if a couple disregard this advice then absolutely nothing will happen to the second child, other than having to live with the social stigma of being a second child.

I believe that China has now moved away from this policy, so it may no longer be an issue.

For a while, there was a serious concern that there was an amount of female infanticide happening in China. This was denied by the Chinease authorities.

Elena S
it's not "China allows only one child per couple", it's "China keeps the policy one child per family"... there are different conditions for different families and there are several scenarios
- some people don't have children at all, yes they just live as a couple (due to different reasons, bad health or just no wish to deal with kids) and they can pass their "right for a child" to the relatives
- some people use different means of contraception after their first child's birth
- some people have enough funds to pay a fine and to give the child to a private school, university or even send abroad
- some people from poor and rural areas are allowed to have several children without any fine or restriction, any family can move to such area and have many children, however life conditions there are hard of course
- some people are national minority or foreigners, if one of the couple or both of them are not Han (major nationality), they can have more than one child
- if both of the couple were the only children in the family they can legally have two children (that is both kids go to state school etc)

so, usually either there is no second child at all (pills and medications) or the second child lives with his parents and an elder sis or bro

Cute Devil
Well It depends:
- Some are put for adoption
- Some are forced to abortion (which is Bad)
It is really because China's Population is too much, and they dont want ending up like Europe in Middle ages.

They have a forced abortion policy. I had a girlfriend who had to have an abortion when she got pregnant. If they find out you can be charged/fined a year's salary, have your house destroyed, lose your job and generally be blackballed. It is harder to enforce this policy in the countryside and there are a few exceptions ( ie. twins or people that were only children etc.). This is why there are so many abandoned baby girls as many people will reject a girl as they want a boy. Girls are sometimes referred to as a "small blessing". They don't really put kids up for adoption they simply abandon them. Now, however the gov. has found there is good money made from the overseas adoptions. Sad isn't it! We take a lot for granted. I worked and lived in China for nearly 10 years.

fine or force to abort

birth control pills anyone? It's very popular in China.

If somehow someone got a second child, a large fine is waiting.

Throw into a river? That's 0.001% as popular as gay sex in the U.S.

The second child gets put up for adoption I believe. The couple can still have two children, but they are going to be taxed heavily because they are having more than one child.

Mickey Mouse Spears
They are put up for adoption.

Forced abortion.

they kill them BUT if the first child is a girl or disabled you can have have another one but you have to get like a permit or something from the government,u think China's responsible for the uneven population. 51% are boys/men and only 49% are girls

They are fined. Baby girls are sometimes thrown in a river in rural areas.

very simple the move them to the olympic holding compound. .............but really they are not allowed to have any more only 1.

They get sent to the army

made into hamburger,that is what my grandpa used to tell me.

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