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Is Malaysia a good place to visit?

my family and i are thinking about going to Malaysia is there any go places/resorts/hotels/apartments that are good to visit if so what are there facilities

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Sarah A
Malaysia is a fantastic place to visit - there's something for everyone, whether you're looking to laze around on the beach or if you want something more adventurous. Hotels tend to be good value for money, and most resort hotels feature pools.

You could try Penang. It's very touristy and busy, lots of nightlife, restaurants, food markets etc and big sky scraper hotels. You can also visit the Snake Temple, the Butterfly Farm or take the funi up Penang Hill for the views. The night markets are pretty impressive too. Hotels there include the Shangri-La Rasa Sayang, which is a lovely hotel with superb facilities - restaurant, bar, pool etc. For a cheaper option, you can look at the Lone Pine Hotel, which is a fab boutique hotel.

However, I prefer Langkawi. It's a less touristy, quieter version of Penang. Fab beaches, and if you stay close to town - the Pelangi Beach, the Holiday Villas etc - there's more than enough to keep you entertained. The island is absolutely stunning and there are hundreds of deserted islands dotting the area - you can take a day trip out to one of these and just chill - it's fab. Try Bon Ton for a really good meal - there's a nice bar there too. It's also worth taking a trip up the cable car - the views are fantastic!

I'd also recommend spending a couple of days in KL - the nightlife is great, as is the shopping. Try Bangsar for bars and restaurants and for the night market on Sundays, Heritage Row for cool bars and clubs. Zouk is the superclub and has international DJs pretty much all the time, although Velvet Underground on Wednesdays is 80's music (more my scene). China Town is great for shopping and knock offs, and Bukit Bintang is great for just shopping - there are loads of food markets in the area where you can try all the local delicacies. Hotels in KL include Traders, right next to KLCC, the Westin, the Concorde, the Corus or for something very luxurious, the Mandarin Oriental. All are central, safe and have excellent rooms and facilities.

Or, if you are bitten by the adventure bug, you could visit Borneo and see the wildlife. Seeing the Orang Utans is an amazing experience, but there is an awful lot more to do in Sabah - you can climb Mount Kinabalu, see turtles hatching (depending on the time of year), chill out on amazing beaches, and even go diving. You can fly into Kota Kinabalu and spend a few nights there. Depending on your budget, there are a few options:

You could stay out of town on the beach at -
Shangri La Tanjung Aru -
Shangri La Rasa Ria -

Or in Kota Kinabalu itself -
Le Meridien -
The Berjaya -

There's so much to do in Malaysia and I can't recommend it highly enough as a holiday destination. Have a wonderful time!

There is every conceivable kind of hotel, resort in this large country. This will depend on how much of Malaysia you wish to see, there's lots more to it than just Kuala Lumpur.

Just type Malaysia tourism into Google and prepare to spend a long time poking around.

zahrah t
I suggest you to visit Sarawak which is in Borneo island you can experience life with the Iban community which we call "homestay"
transport&food provided with reasonable price!If you think of going on low budget travel,in Kuching I have 3 rooms for rent which can accomodate 5 person for 20USD per night.(food &transport not provided but can be arranged)The place is in the city of Kuching with the nearest bank just about 500 metres away .Here the nearest resort is just 30kilometres from Kuching City or I can introduce you to a tourist guide for your convinience.Email for futher information!

Constant Wanderer
yes. i havent been there and i wanna go there soon. the place looks like it holds a lot of promise. i say buy a travel book from lonely planet. everythings in there. itll help a lot. and you can bring it with you anywhere. hope thisll hellp. bon voyage.

Yes, you can visit KL, the city or go to more historical & exotic states like Penang or Malacca, or visit the nice beaches & resorts in East Coast of Malaysia (Cherating, Pangkor, Kuantan, etc). Langkawi island is nice as well, but this time of the year is bad weather.
If you have loads of time, do all the above & fly to East Malaysia (Sabah, Sarawak) where the natural wild life & traditional long houses are aplenty there.
Definately an eye opener if this is your first visit.

Guys, pls don't comment on things you don't know. Respect other people dude.

Malaysia is a cheap vacation spot for european country people, so you can actually enjoy the vacation without thinking much about the cost.

Malaysia is famous for its food. you can find a lot of culture traditional food here like nasi lemak, roti canai, capati, chinese cuisine and lots more. Also, it's a tropical country, so you can see a lot of plants and trees here.

Depends on what you like, if you like jungle trekking and those stuffs, you should visit the national parks. We have the biggest flower in the world here in Malaysia.

And if you want food, the place that you should head to is Penang Island or Ipoh town for it's white coffee. Still my favourite after so many yrs.

On the con side, be careful of taxi driver who tends to charge more if they see you are from other countries. I guess it'll be the same anywhere. Do bring some thin cloth apparel and lotsa sunblock, it can burn the skin sometimes in the afternoon.

Good luck!

depends wat is the defination of 'good place' in yr dictionry...anywhere, is worth visit at least for one time...

i suggest traders hotel, just beside KLCC twin tower, nice view and comfortable hotel

Passo L
Go to Singapore and see what multiracial country should be. Enjoy the international standard tourist sites and shopping. Good facilities all round and most important it is safe and people are friendly

yes..the cultures, foods and facilities are awesome! there's always something in malaysia for every1 that you cant get anywhere else.if you a city girl,go to Kuala Lumpur-u can shop till u drop..or of u into cultures-trust me,lots lots of places u can go.

dun worry about language-most of malaysians speak english well.worry nothing bout safety-there's no war or riot in malaysia.

car s
very good to visit.for your information this year Malaysia doing campaign about the year to visit malaysia. you can contact me and just email me or we can chat in can invite me in when you arrive, let me know
there are place such as waterfall,beach and many more

no money
malaysia is a "good" country because that's what matilda /evangeline always boasts...

Beautiful country, but there are a few issues that might keep you from going here.
There are three major groups living here: Chinese, Indian, Malays. The first two are lovely people. The Malays however are not very welcoming. They seem friendly but they never talk to you or make you feel welcome. If you actually live here then they will never become your friend, in fact, the longer you are here the more clear it gets that you are not part of their superior race. They are in charge of Malaysia and therefore decide the atmospere. They are moderate muslims which is nice, but it does mean that there is not much entertainment in Malaysia due to their laws and licensing laws. So walking through a town like KL is nice for a day and then gets very boring. Everything that is seen as a tourist spot is a dissapointment: You can only see the gate of the Royal Palace, empty museum, half closed museum, closed museum, everything always has seized to be years ago, nobody knows the way, cabs overcharge you. If you expect to see the beautiful Malay culture (dance, silat, music) then you will be dissapointed. The governement does not want to spend any money on it so there is not much going on. A weekly demonstration of dance and silat and music on Merdeka square would be nice, but there is nothing at all. Eventhough this is the so called 'Visit Malaysia' year. Most Malay cultural events are secret and only for local royalty and v.i.p.s. No foreigners and outsiders allowed.
If there is something going on then you won't know, you will read it in the paper afterwards.
Hotels are very nice though and some will sometimes have a little dance performance in the lobby. The hotels see why it is not bad spending some money on that.
If you like nature, then going to the rainforrest or the islands is interesting however. Lankawi is the only place ready for tourists in the whole of malaysia. And of course diving is magnificent if you know where to go. The sea resorts are all beautifull and have some entertainment aswell. This is possible because it is on private land.
So if you like a quite holiday with no real contact with people then I suggest one of the sea resorts. If you like to see some culture and like to walk around then go somewhere else.
In Indonesia people are much nicer and they are quite good at entertaining tourists, every aspect of their beautiful culture is there ready and waiting for you. The Indonesians are used to foreigners and when they are nice they really mean it, when they are not nice they really mean it too.
The Malays smile but have a lot of prejudice behind your back. They think we are all christians and anti islam in Europe. They have no idea that 40 percent of the so called white Europeans are historically muslim, and the rest are a combination of many religions including christianity. Also they don't understand that we are many tribes and not just one tribe. So expect some very backward racial talk if you are lucky to talk to anybody. But they probably don't talk to you at all. The malays only read books that are related to their career/job and to religion, they have no interest in other cultures or people. Therefore they don't know much about the rest of the world. The Malay women are often smarter than the men. Most customers of the few international bookshops in the many shopping malls are female. Probably because they have to fight and study harder to be somebody.

To cut a long story short:
Living here as a foreigner is a lonely existence, don't do it...
Having a holiday here is only nice if you like peace and quite and you don't mind staying in a resort.
If you want to see culture, go to Indonesia, Java in particular.
Java has over a thousand temples alone....

Have a nice holiday.....

Yes! First stop, Taiping, Perak!

That's for you to decide, I suggest you do some research before you visit. But for me, it is not a bad place.

- If you like nature, Malaysia has it, old forest like Taman Negara, Nice Mountains like Mt Kinabalu, Great diving spot, pulau sipadan (one of the best diving spots in the world), and many more.
- History, well, Malaysia in my opinion does not really have much historical sites. Well, if you want to see history, you can go to Malacca or KL.

Well, other than that, I guarantee that you will NOT say that Malaysia is boring, if you visit it.

Dave Star
Singapore is like 5 hours by bus from Kuala Lumpur. You're better off with Singapore. Heed your country's travel warnings.

Check for more information about Malaysia.

definitely a great place to visit. there are too many good places to visit - the highlands, the beaches, the rain forest, the mountains, the national parks which are already part of the world heritage

depends on where you like
getaway:pulau pangkor,pulau langkawi[good for snorkelling]
shopping:midvalley,times square
fun:sunway lagoon,genting highland(includes casino,hotel)
visiting buildings :Kuala terenganu( state capital of the state terenganu),Kuala Lumpur(Central Market,bangunan sultan abdul samad said[the high court of malaysia

Malaysia is a good place but dangerous to visit!

not sure good or not for visit, but i think better go to thailand, i mean amazing thailand, they say.

but it's a 10-star heaven for those came from unfortunate nations that can't provide enough employment opportunity, political stability, freedom and peace as well to their people. Millions of come flocking like nobody's business to here from thailand, phillipines, myanmar, bangladesh, nepal, indonesia, africa....just to name few.

hope they will be very grateful to malaysian people and shut their big mouth up

yeah, malaysia is pretty amazing too, aren't she?

again, let's pray very very hard so that all problems faced by their country be lifted and they will be able to go home real soon for good and live happily ever after. just can't wait any longer

O God, I'm begging you, pls make my day

take a good look at "all" of the positive answer!
they " all " came from muslim or malaysian.

and look at all negative answer, they all came from foreigner just like you.

by now you can guess if you can listen to them or not!

you should go to france,hawaii,not MALAYSIA!

Not sure. Isn't there child slavery there?

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