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Should Filipino language be the medium of instruction in the Philippines?

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Ya why not

linda c
FILIPINO is the nationality TAGALOG is the languages.

No it should be English. like the constitution states.

It should be in English in order for us to be globally competitive.

Lani S
Pilipino is the language Filipinos are the people. I think that English is a better medium of instructions in the PI because it has been so for many years and Philippines has been established as one of the english-speaking countries in the world.

It should be. i always envy Malaysia for having a succesful economy but still many prefer Bahasa Melayu than English. The Philippines may be the 3rd English speaking nation but it is still shameful to mind that until now, the economy is corrupt. many people are going abroad for jobs, leaving people here in the Philippines suffering of poverty instead of finding other ways to improve the economy and the poors' lives. In the future, the philippines will be the land of the sick because more nurses and doctors are going abroad just for money. our country is in a critical crisis. yet it is still an english speaking nation? a bad image i think. i think Tagalog would also build on Filipino heritage pride among the Filipinos and a successful economy.

I disagree with those who assert that English should be the primary medium of instruction in order for Filipinos to be competitive globally. South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Germany, Brazil do not consider English as their primary language and they kick major a-s-s in the global economy. Those countries get by really well because they know how to cooperate and work well with each other and those of other nations--instead of pointing the blame or responsibility on others when things get tough. What language they speak is a secondary concern.

tequila mike
If people think that Tagalog should be used instead of English, then why do most people in the media - news, tv - construct sentences using both languages in the same sentence. The reason is that in the modern world, there are not enough tagalog words to express certain thoughts, methods or ideas. This is not an insult to tagalog, merely an observation from someone who often listens to the radio and tv on Filipino channels.

Let us face it. There is not much opportunity for the younger generations now in the Philippines. Whether you like it or not, most of them will seek opportunity outside the Philippines when their time come. The best thing that the government and educators could do to help these younger generations is to equip them to be more competitive for overseas jobs. English is the language of most businesses and industries world wide. So train the students in English. And whether we assert Filipino as the medium of instruction or not. It will not change our CORRUPT Government.

allan y
no, i prefer english. filipino is much too tagalog for bisaya speakers. when imperial manila invented filipino they consulted only with tagalog linguists to the chagrin of majority of filipinos.

no, i prefer english

In my personal viewpoint & from my experience in school, that is from elementary to college, 98% are in English. Most of the time, our professors talk in Tag-lish, Tagalog & English. They define things in English but explain it further using both languages. Tagalog should be used also. There are more than 7,100 islands in the Philippines. Our country doesnt have unity because of the language barrier among its people. There are many dialects all over the islands but majority would still talk in Tagalog. From experience, I would say both!

I've never really spoken English while I lived in the Philippines. I thought it was hard to speak when I was in elementary, so I didn't speak it at all. Tagalog is my first language, so I really don't see a reason for me to speak English at the time. I would always hear my teacher telling us to speak English while we have an English Class. We all ignored her. But I believe that English should be a second language in the Philippines, and stick with the Filipino language you were taught first.

No, we should stick to english. Using english as a medium of instruction in the Philippines has a lot of benefits. One major benefit is that it enables us to communicate better (specially @ work in a foreign country) with other nationalities, since english is the international language.

Of course, recent studies revealed that the most successful people are those who use their own native language as their medium of instruction. And besides, English is still a part of their studying. If the instructions are in Filipino, the students can understand and interact with their teachers better. They can train themselves in English through the English subject. In fact, countries that use their own language as medium of instruction have their economies prosper unlike other countries who try to be proficient in English neglecting their own language.

YES! we are not americans!

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