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Mrs. Jaimee Harmony OOH

What happens if you eat too much eggs?

~Let's say 12 hard boiled eggs in a day~

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Let's see... 12 eggs a day multiplied by 7 days/week, then multiplied again by 4 weeks/month, equals.... hmmn.... you'd be a walking time bomb after a month. In a year you could wipe the entire human race out with just one pffffftt.

If the eggs are coming from China, you'd be a prime candidate for the effects melamine.

You'll have high cholesterol, and eventually will start to turn into an egg. You get rounder and rounder, and people will look at you less as a person and more like a breakfast food.

You will utut alot ... and it will smell like it too. ;D

Eating seven or more eggs a week could increase a person?s risk of death, researchers reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition on Wednesday.

Researchers at Brigham and Women?s Hospital and Harvard Medical School noted that while eggs can be a good source of other nutrients, overconsumption could produce an early death. Their results add to the ongoing debate over how safe eggs are to eat.

"Whereas egg consumption of up to six eggs a week was not associated with the risk of all-cause mortality, consumption of (seven or more) eggs a week was associated with a 23 percent greater risk of death," they wrote.

Overall, 21,327 men participated in the Physicians' Health Study. Over 20 years, 1,550 of the men had heart attacks, 1,342 had strokes, and more than 5,000 died.

Men without diabetes could eat up to six eggs a week with no added risk of death.

"However, among male physicians with diabetes, any egg consumption is associated with a greater risk of all-cause mortality, and there was suggestive evidence for a greater risk of MI (heart attack) and stroke."

Eggs are known to be high in artery-clogging cholesterol, which increases risk of heart attack and stroke.

However, researchers added that egg consumption was not directly associated with heart attack or stroke.

"More egg on our faces? It's really hard to say at this point, but it still seems, if you're a middle-aged male physician and enjoy eggs
more than once a day, that having some of the egg left on your face may be better than having it go down your gullet," said Dr .
Robert Eckel of the University of Colorado and a former president of the American Heart Association.

"But, remember: eggs are like all other foods -- they are neither 'good' nor 'bad,' and they can be part of an overall heart-healthy diet," Eckel wrote.

Men who ate seven or more eggs a week were 23 percent more likely to have died during the 20-year period, researchers said.

Diabetic men who ate any eggs at all were twice as likely to die in the 20 years.

For me, my eyelids will be swollen and my face will have itchy red spots that will proceed to scale after 3 days. Not to forget that I'll probably have the deadliest fart and run the risk of increasing my cholesterol level =))

hi! i aM PuRpLy tRoLL!

tHe eGg mIgHt bE bIgGeR tHaN mE. bEsIdEs i DoN'T eAt.

Juan C
you'll be egghausted...

i'll be 5 pounds heavier in just a week!

annabelle p
If I eat a dozen of hard-boiled eggs a day, I get to look like you. hahaha...

I can only consume 2 eggs but not daily. Too much egg intake is not good neither is it healthy. The yolks have a high content of cholesterol which is one cause of heart disease. The American Heart Association says healthy adults can have up to one egg per day, as long as they watch their intake of other cholesterol sources such as meat and dairy products.

A research in Japan on women who ate one or two eggs a day found that they were 22 percent more likely to die of any cause compared with those who ate only a couple eggs per week -- regardless of factors such as age, smoking habits and body weight.

I hope this helped.

mickey the zombie
you'll get fat and its not good for yer body.

humpty dumpty had a great fall

You'll have a very bad headache and definitely you'll feel that it's all because of those damn eggs.

In a proper diet each one is a serving of meat. that's a lot of servings.
Just how fat do you want to get?

mr crab
smelly farts

I had the same predicament.

You feel sick then throw up. BLARGH!

_smile_'s Kometa of Biga-a
your stomach will be shape like eggs

you'll know if something is stinking up the room ;D

anna m
You grow feathers in the morning. But you won't notice that because you're too dizzy that your cholesterol level has shot up to the roof & beyond space.

Aref H4
Are you saying what I think you're saying? That a dozen eggs is too much? Why tell me only NOW?

you will lay eggs later.

You will have 12 farts per hour.

One egg contains over six grams of protein and several important nutrients, which is good. Unfortunately, one egg also contains about 212 mg of cholesterol. Since the recommendation for cholesterol consumption is about 300 mg per day, the large amount of cholesterol in eggs may prevent many people from eating them.

The cholesterol in eggs really shouldn't scare you away completely. Most of the cholesterol in your body is made by your liver and the amount of cholesterol in your diet may not have as big an impact on your blood cholesterol as people once thought. In fact, you can eat one egg every day without harming your cholesterol and other blood-fat levels. That's really good news because eggs are very satisfying. Eating one egg as part of a healthy breakfast may help you lose weight by keeping you from getting hungry later in the morning.

As you can see, eggs contain a lot of good nutrition. One egg has about 80 calories with more than five grams of fat, so keep that in mind if you need to watch your fat and calorie intake. One egg each day is good, but eating three or 12 eggs every day may add too much FAT!!!

You can reduce fat by using one whole egg and extra egg whites if one egg just isn't enough. You should also poach, hard boil or scramble your eggs, don't fry them in butter. If you want your eggs sunny side up or over-easy, use a non-stick skillet without the extra butter or oil.

you fart like hell

If you eat too many eggs you WILL die.

n b


no name
ew. why?

?ć§V§ć? vandalhartz ?????
Nyek! Do you want me to die? I'm allergic to those stuff. I just eat 2 eggs per week as recommended by my doctor and what if I don't follow the instruction? VROOM! VROOM! Off I go to the hospital!

Foods/drugs that I'm allergic to:

1. Chicken (especially the skin)
2. Eggs
3. Chocolate
4. Anything that has MSG and food coloring on it like junkfoods
5. Crustaceans
6. Some medcines like cough syrup ( as long as it's prescribed by my doctor I'm safe)

And lastly, I'm allergic to sunlight! Can you believe that!? I'm photo sensitive that's why I always bring my sunblock with me! Sheesh!

Hihi! Yan ikaw pa ang may natutunan sa akin. Kala mo ah!

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