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Expat A

Why So Many Gays in the Philippines?

Everywhere I go in that country I see gays and the percentage seems to be very high. Again you may argue that there are gays everywhere but they are hiding, whereas in the Philippines they do not, but I must say that it is not true. Compared to a lot of countries that I have lived in for a long time, the percentage of gays is just very very high.
What is causing it?
There are so many beautiful girls in the country; one would want to be a heterosexual, but what motivates these people to become gay? Any ideas?

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M Morato
Yes, why? Hindi naman sila nanganganak (They don't give birth). Joke.

I have nothing against gays, and in fact have a lot of gay friends. They can be very very good friends. Quite sensitive, and really sensible. Some of them are better friends than some of my heterosexual friends. Bottomline, their being gay has nothing to do with the good persons that they are.

Why so many gays? Why not?

It's just not a bad thing over there mate and that in turn makes them feel free to live as a normal citizen. They have no fear of being called names or discriminated in anyway by the locals as they are locals. But to answer your question more directly I personally think its because filipino's tolerate just about any kind of personality. Your being biased as saying this and why they shouldn't be gay but in the end its their choice and thats the way its going to be. They're actually quiet friendly and not as bad as you make them out to be.

Being gay has been an accepted part of life in the Philippines. The number of beautiful women has nothing to do with being heterosexual.

I can see what you mean, maybe because Filipinos have very high tolerance especially among gay people. Also, a lot of industries here don't have problem accepting homosexual employees and in some cases, they even excel more than their heterosexual counterparts, so theres really no need to be a closet queen.

Simple answer is because there's a LOT OF MEN in the Philippines!

Because of their exposure on national TV that sends a powerful message of "acceptance" in society.

There are many gays in the Philippines,thats true.You say you have lived in a lot of countries.Would you care to list them for the benefit of all on here please.No tale telling now!
Nothing is causing the level of gays.You are born that way.So it doesn't matter how many beautiful girls there are.You will still be gay. You are showing your ignorance on the subject,you cannot be motivated to be Hetrosexual if you are not.It is in the genetic make up of a person and can't be changed.If you are Hetrosexual,count your blessings.

daniel t
because filipino are fun of eating FRIED CHICKENs! wherever u go.. there's chickens!

cause there are lots of gay pageant in the philippines..they contestants!

Juan C
it's a free country... and the society, somehow accepted them already...

yes, i argue. there are gays everywhere but we just dont notice because they are hiding it. unlike here, they feel free to act/dress what they feel they are.
i don't think that they are just motivated to be's inborn.

In the Philippines, gay people stands out because they move and dress like drag queen. Although, there is nothing wrong with that. They just acting upon how they are perceive in the Filipino culture, e.g. comedian, pageant queens, hair dresser... Where as in other places they just blend with the rest of society. In Europe, you see normal looking men kissing and getting married to one other with out there makeup on.

because filipinos are a very accepting people. children are always brought up with the idea that they have nothing to fear or hide bec family will always be there to back them up or support them. so no matter if youre successful, unsuccessful, addict, a-student, gay, slob will always be there for you.


That is very true indeed, my friend! The population of the "bakla" has indeed multiplied times 100 million in the Philippines in the past ten years. And, the number will continue to rise.

But, what kind of gay guy are you referring to? Are you referring to those kinds who wear make-up and wear women's clothes? Or, are you referring to those gay guys who don the latest styles in men's wear? The latter kind is the most plentiful among all kinds of gay men here in the Philippines nowadays. They, the latter kind of gay men, outnumber those transvestites we usually find in beauty parlors. Endangered species, are now being said of the fairy gay guy.

I'd be willing to put my bet that if there is a survey counting all the gays in the whole world, your country would top the list.

Add: Actually, there is..
Accordingly, China and India tops the list (being that they are the most populous nations of the world) , followed by US, and Europe. Unfortunately, no data from Philippines..but that would be a tiny percentage of the population..

As to your question, "what is causing it"?
A beautiful girl is not enough to make man, a real man. it is an inherent characteristic, born male but with female feelings.

yeah...I wonder too.

the gentleman italian idol
because of poverty in material, education and religion/morality.

maybe it is part of evolution

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