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Why are filipino girls so easy?

Why are there so easy like alot of them sleep with older blokes and the stuff you see on the internet what there do for money... why is this?

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Real Filipino girls are NOT easy.

Poor you. The ones you met on the internet and on whom you spent your money are transvestites or transsexuals. Unfortunately, you can't get a refund.

Those who sleep with older blokes are Filipinas who are married to foreigners who have decided to retire here, believing they will get a better quality of life here. And these blokes are all praises for their Filipina wives. I see some posts saying so, right here on Yahoo Answers - Philippines.

Wow. Talk about generalization. I'm a Filipina and I hate seeing that. Try to gain a deeper understanding of the situation before you lump everyone in one category.

Desperate gold digging Filipinas are easy. Nothing more, nothing less. Do you think all Filipinas are like that? NO. It's only those that think a man is the answer to their financial woes. Some financially challenged Filipinas actually make an effort to support themselves. Imagine that.

If you expose yourself to money grubbing girls, then that's the kind of girl you'll get. They're easy. What can you expect? Then try to get some action from the women I know. Let me tell you. Money and skin color mean nothing. You'll be better off paying for some young *** in the red light district. Who's easy now?

^Omniac^ ® Bites The Dust
Hey Joe! can you tell me how many percent of Filipino girl sleeps with older blokes compare to over all percentage of all Filipino girls around the world? then I can answer your racism kind of question...

I checked your profile to know your country of origin but your profile is in private mode.... why is this? hiding something? or you're just trolling around here?

Will you do us a favor?

Please educate you self...

BCool Express
You're talking about the girls who make themselves available for easy money? You're right. That's their livelihood - to sleep with any male for money. Outside of that, Filipino girls are the most difficult to land in bed, when compared to western girls.

why dont you ask one next time your TRYIN to get one

Yes there might be a lot of them that are easy,
due mainly to their current situation or specific upbringing.

But you forgot to mention that there are a whole lot of "girls" from other cultures & places who are easier.

Not all Filipino girls are like that. Some are just that desperate.

You Sir are a Male Chauvinist Pig!

From your remark it is easy to tell that you are chasing these err, easy girls, yourself. So since they are taking your money while doing so. One is to wonder just which sex is the easier? After all aren't you the one paying for it? If you think those girls are so easy, next time just say to one, hey this is a freebie isn't it?

You will find your self @ home ALONE with petroleum jelly and a sore wrist.

Today you have assured your self as ******** of the day--month---all filipino girls are not as you suggest---yes some are--you need my boot up your a-- for talking this way about these wonderful people----you need to educate your pea brain before you open your nasty mouth again.

I think I'm inclined to disagree with the opinion of a uneducated and misinformed troll. Thanks for the 2 points, bloke.

"Money talks!"
No Money, No Honey .. is the norm.

There are easy girls all over the world in every country!
It's the oldest profession!

Ryjean Clouie Ann
those are just women with no enough education to be able to CHOOSE whom they want and have a CORRECT source of money. True, our country is poor, many of the women here are poor... but not all of us are that desperate of money. Those "easy" girls you say just don't have any other choice but to act "easy" so they can survive and gain money...even if it's the wrong way.

Most Filipina girls are far from easy. If a Filipina girl is not a bar girl sleeping with her can involve courtship and marriage.
If they are bar girl to quote a Twain character, Mortals don't mean much on an empty stomach

desperate for money

Tell me where they are.....

Chris R
The vast majority of filipina I know are soo far from easy, kinda wat turned me on to them. I'm talking to one now and its been great more or less. I'm old skool and value girls who value themselves and my shorty is pure, does well in school and has her own job and money. She came to America I think her freshmen year of H.S and is americanize somewhat but mainly in looks, she got green contacts that I hate when she wear but other then that she's an angel.
I do know plenty of slutty filipinas too what race doesnt have their easy screws but I find filipinas to be very nice girls and ideal for marriage. Heck im learning tagalog for her... I never did that for the korean chicks I dated

sorry feller !!!! but you got filipina girls all wrong ! i think you seen the 3% of working girls on your so called net sites ? they are a population of over 95 mil and you choose to look at the 3% who do this for money ? please look on your country web site and you will be amazed how many do it ??? but you being small minded and un educated could"nt afford uk / eu prices lol,,, im happy and married to one of these filipino girls, not much of an age gap ? she is more educated than me ? and i feel safe in the knowlage that she wont be ******* my best mate when i leave her alone when i work away ? look at what your wife / bird is doing before you slate my wifes culture and name !!! godbless you sad person ???

Ryjean Clouie Ann : maybe you should stop being so racist against your own people . i am 20 years older than my filipino wife . and no she is not uneducated . she has a degree in banking . and comes from a very good and proud family . so not all women from the philippines that marry plder men are uneducated or just wanting a man to take care of her . now for the idiot that ask the question : maybe you should look for better women . there are good women in every race and there are bad women in every race . but in my experiance more filiino women are good than there are bad so grow up and get a life .

That's kind of like asking why water is wet, why the moon is a wasteland while earth has an abundance of life, or why Obama is a lying **********:
These are all things that no one really knows the answer to, but they're true anyway.

Only men marry exclusively for love and that is why we don't understand women because we all know that the majority of all women marry for love AND reasons other than love.

I think that it would be a learning experience for all men if they became millionaires for just one year. Men would learn a lot about women. For one thing men would learn what they already know about prostitutes but we would really surprise ourselves about the women that we think that we have already figured out. For instance most of us have already labeled some girls as gold diggers and other women as not being gold diggers. If you make any of these guys millionaires I think that he will be surprised at how much more attention he gets even from the women that he had previously thought were not gold diggers.

You should check out the spring break 'girls gone bad' college chicks at Daytona or Cancun this month.. lol .. The girls you are talking about are 'bargirls' and it seems to be a cultural thing across asia dating back before Marco Polo wrote about this about a thousand years ago. Maybe it has to do with an otherwise conservative society that expects girls to be virginal and women to be chaste, faithful wives.. thus the 'outlet' is to become a 'bargirl' in much the same way that spring break girls in the west go out to bars, dance in bikini t-backs, looking for guys to bring back to the hotel rooms. In the Philippines and the east, bargirls are viewed as 'bad girls', while in the west, similar behavior of sleeping around is more prevalent but viewed as 'bad behavior' by girls otherwise regarded as 'good girls'? We can surmise that many younger bargirls likely slept with fewer guys than typical college girls in the west. There is not much difference between the things filipina bargirls do on the internet (for money) and the things western college girls or couples post (for fun). The concept that is difficult for westerners to grasp is that there is a separate 'class' of girls, called 'bargirls' that do this stuff.. while in the west it is just viewed as regular girls misbehaving.

As far as sleeping with older blokes: it is a supply and demand thing. In the west there is a huge oversupply of single divorced older women over 40 (milfs) who divorced thier hubbies for a big financial boost, and the ex-hubbies are all looking for younger chicks, so there is huge demand, limited supply of younger hot babes, so you don't see many hot young babes with older dudes in the west, unless they are millionaires.. In the Philippines, there is very little divorce, no epidemic of middle age women divorcing, causing a huge supply of middle aged divorced men 'double dipping' and competing for the younger babes. Huge numbers of young filipino guys working overseas also creates 'the perfect storm' for single western guys who are into dating games, even older dudes can usually easily find a much better looking and younger babe than the old skank dreggs available in the west. It just seems like western guys are dating younger filipinas more, because they not very discreet and don't keep it on the down low like filipino guys who tend to keep thier affairs private or a secret... Western dating games involve spending lots of money on a gf, taking her out in public, shopping, dining out, etc.. not really necessary or expected by filipinas, so when western guys do this in the philippines it is something of a cultural surprise, especially when the gf is a bargirl.

Have you heard of love?

size matters

There is no problem as I see it. Depends mainly on how you describe an "easy woman" in your mind.

If a woman sleeps with an older man is considered a problem to you, how do you see the woman who sleeps with a much younger man?

Whether she does it for love or for lust, for money or for curiosity should not be our concern.
To each his own.

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