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Jedi Sapien

Why the gap between the rich and poor is so big in the Philippines?

i have seen many Filipino children scavenging for foods from wheelie bins, selling lottery result, polishing shoe and many more, what is your government doing
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the gap is really huge

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Master Yoda
a limited knowledge of facts, you have. the truth you twisted. back to the dark ages of classless communism you go. training you was wasted, i see. a true jedi you are not!

Rode|ette Ű©
just like how you think

annabelle p
You can't expect the government to solve every problem in the country. The individual citizen should also do his share in uplifting his life if he wants to taste the good things in life. Education is free in public schools so there is no reason why a child can't have education in grade and high schools. There are jobs for those who are not picky. As to polishing shoes, it's a decent work so why be ashamed? At least, it helps feed a hungry mouth. In these times, one has to make do with what is available as long as it isn't indecent or illegal.
As to the wide gap between the rich and the poor, it has always been that way since time immemorial.

sweet water
The gap is called the middle class and by any measure it's always big, even in developed countries.

it's the system not just around here but most of third world countries suffer that condition.

I think it's because the ones who goes into business are the rich ones, making themselves richer and the poor ones are content to just work and be violated. Plus, uncontrolled reproduction... God, look at those people who squats, they can't barely provide food for themselves and yet, they are reproducing non-stop!

kahlan nynaeve®
why is the gap between our minds so big?! why can't you comprehend simple logic? common sense, please.

did you know that marginalization between the rich and the poor is a global occurence? and so is poverty?

did you know that your own country also has impoverished citizens?

Fire Princess could very well be describing mexico, honduras, india, and a host of other countries, even the mighty USA. geeezzz i wonder what their governments are doing!

What is your government doing to irradicate poverty in your own country? Poverty exist everywhere. The U.S.A. has its problems with poverty there are hungry children, people lack medical care, there is a homeless population, etc. If you do not believe it just pay a visit to the Appalacian Mountain's in the U.S.A.

I would also like to ask you what did you do when you witnessed the children scavenging for food? Did you go over to them and offer some assistance or did you pass them by. I would guess you passed them by finding it easier to blame someone else for their problems.

Be careful are we will all find out that you are a judgmental snob that contributes to the problems of the world instead of someone that attempts to make the world a better place in which to live.

What is wrong with polishing shoes? In fact there are some of us that could afford to have our shoes polished but choose to do it ourselves. What would you do with your garbage if there were not honest people willing to do the job you think you are too good to do.?

I think people like you should stop asking, "...what is your government doing" and start asking what can I do to solve the problems of the poor. A great man JFK said during his inauguration "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." Walking by the poor children eating out of garbage and doing nothing is far worst in my opinion than someone polishing shoes to make a living.

It is all about ones character and I think you may be lacking in that area. Poverty is a complex problem, but it can be resolved more quickly if people, all people, assume some responsibility and do not expect someone else to solve the problem. The children eating garbage is their reality and does not speak to their character. You passing judgment on a society without contributing anything positive to correct the problem definietly speaks to your character or lack there of.

It's even a wider gap in the USA but for political reasons like the politicians can make a fortune by co-mingling the poor with the rich . . . Which they do . . . You don't notice it that much. The Pinoy political buffs haven't found out a way to play off of that "freedom of lying" yet as the American politicians have; thus, they can't fatten their bank accounts yet with their deceptions.

because of corruption.

It is not only in Philippines but all over the developing countries and the third world.......avarice and hard heartedness is the cause

Jadu N

income inequality. did you know that if you add up the total income of the 40 richest family in the country, it is equivalent to the total income of the 60% pecent of the total population. whew.

Because money,a lots of the graft and corruption of some the politicians out there and poverty and I know that some government doesn't care about it when it comes to helped it to the poor people especially some families with a dozen of their children that why some children are they not go to school due to lack of their moneys their food,shelter,clothes,medicines and everything and I know that some government that they to giving an attention for them and because they really want money,power and they always an argued over the dirty politics and even the rich people they doesn't care about it to the poor people and they really an ambitious,boastful,pride,arrogant and a lot more and I'm really sad that our country is the one of these top ten countries mostly having a graft and corruption and I'm not happy about our economy and their stocks market and it's almost we will feel a suffered due to poverty,a lots of crimes,dirty politics and a lot more.I'll hope the currently should to face it of our problems like on how to helping to the poor people,having a lots of our shelters for the poor families,having a free education for the children doesn't to go to school and continue of their studies,having jobs for the young professional of their respective of the companies for the vacant positions,having an increasing of the wages for the government and private employees and a lot more.Let's joined of our hands with one unity to helping to each other and give them a support from all us on how to fight it against the poverty and we will prayed together having a peace and unity in our own country the Philippines

The income disparity between the poor and rich has been increasing due to the technological advances that globalization has been causing us. I think this does not only happen in the Philippines but also in developed countries such as US. Technological advances displace low-skilled workers from the job since machineries are able to make production more efficient and less costly as compared to labor. Moreover, Philippines is a labor abundant country (we're even ranked 12th or 13th most populous country in the world) but firms are trying to take advantage of these technological advances (due to lower costs, higher productivity, and more efficient production) and thus, the demand for labor decreases and while the demand for capital (machineries) increases. As the demand for the labor falls (while the population is continuously increasing, the labor force consequently increases too), the unemployment rate increases. Thus, more people are becoming unemployed especially the low-skilled workers. On the other hand, the capitalists become better off since they own the factor inputs (capital and machineries) that are needed for the production. The use of the machineries in the production (instead of hiring workers) is very profitable. Thus, the rich become richer and the poor become poor.

Aside from that, the opportunities in the country are very few while the number of people competing for those few jobs are great. Those with higher education end up landing on those jobs while low skilled people end up empty-handed at the end of the day.

Thats the economic perspective of that.

that's the way it is.....

gap is because of corruption , and the government is doing less than nothing . The government makes it worse , that's the way the people are controlled .

dave i am
if there's no gap then there will be no rich or poor...

The children are scavenging for food because there is no lunch program in the schools. A free lunch program would keep those children in school where they would learn the necessary skills to survive in our world today.

For that to happen, the 13 families would have to legislate programs and that is counter to their interests.

Make no mistake about it, a proactive, educated, voting public in the Philippines would bring that country out of the depths of poverty.

The country has plenty of wealth to accomplish its needed humanitarian concerns.

It always happen in a developing country. Phil. is always a developing country coz politicians want it that way. you should know why. Not all the people got the chance to make a better business. Those who know the right connection can get a chance.

dont know what the govt doing..thats true coudnt be deny..i came from philippines..i think our govt do something about that..
how about your country?are all rich there? wow thats great! could you pls help our country? maybe you have a great idea.. tell our government whats the best thing to do! God bless u!

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