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jicarlo h

do filipino women like black men?

Im a black american man and is about to travel to the philippines for the summer and always was attracted to filipino women and was wondering did they find black men attracted

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Just me!
I don't know. It depends on what filipino thinks, but... I like black men! and I'm filipino. = )

Big P
I'm a black man married to a beautiful,honorable and respectable filipina. We have 2 beautiful babies together.
Our love and admiration for each other is very strong.

I have dated many filipina over the years before I met my wife.
Yes, some say that they don't like black men but they are still open to a possible relationship with a black man.
Don't believe all the talk about filipina's not liking black men because some filipina's are not too sure of themselves.

Brian F
I imagine they are since my best friend who is black is married to a Pinay. But I remember him telling me her family was pretty upset at first when she first started dating him. You may have to deal with some stereotyping at first by the older members of the family, but you can get by it quickly.

Yeah, Filipino women like black men, but NOT ALL women here like blacks. Most of Filipino women are attracted to foreigners. Especially if you are goodlooking, well-mannered and lots of money. Don't be offended if you see some Filipinas share furtive and conspirational laughters if they see you, as my female cousins, friends and classmates do. Because in the Philippines big black guys are perceived to have BIG c**k, but surely they like guys who have BIG c**k.

Enjoy your travel in the Philippines. I would advise you to travel to Davao City or Cebu or Bohol. Good luck.

Some are attracted to them and some don't so it really depends on a person. (--,)

Mike's Girl
it's really a matter of personal choice...i hope you find your dream girl in the philippines...and may you be happy together.

color of your skin won't mattter as long as you love her as her.


i think it depends on the women actually.. for me, i like black men.. i think they are beautiful.. i would rather go out with a black men than white..

some do, some don't.. but I find Will Smith and Denzel Washington attractive

i guess. skin color desn't matter except for some ignorant people.

i know a lot of filipina who are married to black men.

jan-na~â?Ą~ and im luvin it
it depends on an individual's taste. enjoy your travel here!

honestly, it depends on the case. Some Filipina women find white men attractive and some don´t care what the color is, but you´ll find them suprisingly open minded!


nena aka NENA
i might get a lot of thumbs down for this, but for once, i agree with purple-t. filipinas, in general, are attracted to men with the right complexion...not necessarily undercooked like the white pale caucasians but not as overcooked either as the blacks (ala Ewing black)...they want it just cooked right - lightly toasted!
i am merely describing colors in a manner easy to visualize. i mean no malice nor insult to any race. and I say this with all sincerity!
that's only as far as attraction goes --- but when love comes in the picture, to heck with colors...i'd go for mr. green (as in kermit the frog) or mr. purple (as in barney, the dino) myself!

That one
You will find out when you go there.

I don't think a lot of filipinas are attracted to black men. There are some that are.. but not many.

Boston Mark
Hey Buddy, The impression I got was they couldn't care less! There culture seems to be like that of Dr. King. " Judge a man by the content of his caricature not the color of his skin." You might want to join a dating site like Chinalove. That is where I found my Mahal. Be careful as there are schemers. Go with your gut. I was in Iligan City for 3 weeks and met a black man from England who had just married a piny. You will be a curiosity, as are all Americans. Just smile a lot and give the beggars 5-10 pesos.

They like em jez fine. Like all women on the planet. If he behaves himself, he is nice looking, nice smelling, somewhat educated, can listen, can speak without spitting, has some detectable attention span and an understanding that yes, he pays for the dang drink with a smile even though he don't want to.

personal preference like most say here, but in any culture you'll find women that just love black men, also that just love white, or Hispanic, or tall or short, or strong or thin, you name it and women will love it. like us men, some of us love boobs, some love butts, some love blonde's, some brunettes, some love black women, Asian women, Latin women, white women. you'll find many women there i think that are interested in you, for several reasons, your color difference, your being a westerner, and so on.

purple tactics
Generally speaking, and I'm just telling you how it is, most filipina women prefer men with light skin and filipino men like women with light skin. The lighter, the better.
Just look at the Philippine entertainment industry, how many of them are dark? And the few who are, how dark are they? Richard Gomez you say? He's not THAT dark.
In filipino comedy movies the sidekick of the hero (who gets slapped around a lot in the movie) is either a midget or a really dark guy.
So, no, Filipina women do not generally like black men.
(Unless you're Will Smith or Kobe Bryant)
Oh yes, another thing, if a filipino person calls you "*****" he/she does not mean anything negative about it. It's just how we call you blacks. It's not like the american N-word.

Jak o lantern
i really think filipino women don't like black men, but they like the men's money

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