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Advantages and disadvantages of immigration to australia?

Websites please I mean to say what benefits and problems has multicultiralism brought with it

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I cannot think of any disadvantages in immigrating to Australia. I did it 44 years ago from the UK and have never regretted it for one moment.

.Disadvantages are, snakes that kill,spiders that kill,crocodiles that eat you,dingos that kill baby's,mines that collapse and kill,and all the convicts.

Kella G
The only disadvantage that springs to mind is the distance from Europe and the Americas. So the amount of times you can travel back home would be limited unless you were wealthy and loved loooonnng plane trips :-) The cost of living may be a little higher than some immigrants are used to, but we do have exceptional healthcare & a high standard of living. People are friendly and the weather is great. I think we offer an enviable lifestyle. Not sure exactly what websites you're looking for - hopefully these will help General information for newcomers Official Government site Tourism Citizenship information Don't know where you're from, but if you'll advise, I'm sure we can find some on-line groups peopled by expats from your country where you could learn about their immigration experience first hand. OK - to answer your amended question :- Multiculturalism, for the most part, is something Australians embrace and have done for decades. It has enriched our culture and broadened our horizons wonderfully. The only time we get a tad testy on the subject is when a very few folk from other cultures come here seeking a "better life" and then proceed to complain and criticise OUR way of life, expecting us to compromise the lifestyle we (and most immigrants) love, to suit them. Hope that made sense

Australia needs more multiculturism. It is very cut off from the rest of the world, not just in distance but in it's national physci. So the more Aussey experiences others the more it will have to give future generations. May help to ease the prejudice and racism thats in Auss if more cultures were to mix not just in the main cities but all throughout the Australian towns and citties. Is great seeing a different culture, when i was in mellbourne seeing the greek familys picnicing on the greens of williamstown beach was a great site and gave the area a real feel of community.

Overall there is not a lot of racism in Australia. After WW11 there was much immigration of non-English speaking migrants. The Italians, Greeks, Slavs & other Europeans settled in & worked hard. They happily intergrated with the local population. Since then the Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian & other asian races have settled & interacted without much problem. All these races of people have been hard workers. Those who mainly claim that there is racism in Australia from the immigrants are mainly Muslim & people from the African continent. They mostly don't willingly mix with other Australians & are reluctant to alter theiir ways to suit this country's way of life. They just loooooooove our welfare system!!!!

I just wanted to point out to someone who said that Australia needs more multiculturalism to combat racism - dude, we ARE multicultural. We are predominantly Anglo-Saxon but as a nation we have a waaaaay more diverse mix than most countries!

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