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david t

Can I enter Australia with a criminal conviction?

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Check the Department of Immigration web page at You will find the rules there. Australia might have been started as a penal colony but that was only because the American penal colonies closed after the War of Independence. Americans seem to forget that many of their early settlers were British convicts too.

Probably not. Can I come to your country with a criminal conviction?

some people are right dick heads.
mate it depends on what you did if i was you check with
that is all i can say

check with the australian embassy or consulate

To :getbyone.
While as a kiwi we may think Australia is a PENILE colony , most would say it is an ex penal colony (funniest thing I have seen 4 a long time, cheers)

ll_jenny_ll here
sorry ... I can't answer your question .. I'm too busy laughing at many of the answers already given ... YES it is a known fact that Au started out as a penal colony ... ( and I recently found the grave of my great great grandfather that was transported here at the age of 19 in 1839, he passed away in 1904 aged 84).....
BUT it cracks me up to NO END when I read people from ONE nation in particular when they pass comments re AU's Convict history ..... I wonder how many americans actually know that BEFORE the war of independence .. Britain sent convicts to the americas to act as indentured servants ...
THANK-GOD for the War Of Indepence .. otherwise I might have been born a yank instead of an aussie.

SO to all those IGNORANT AMERICAN SMARTAR$ES out there who try and hang Shyte on AU .. the Joke's ON YOU .. bet many of THOSE have a convict in the family tree too...

NOW just as a disclaimer .... I AM NOT saying ALL americans are ingorant or smartar$es ... I know you;re not .. and If you have reason to be upset at what I have written .. please direct your *anger* towards your fellow countrymen who behave like twits because THEY bring shame to you ..

anyway .. I am so grateful for the thieving teenager in my family tree ...

BUT I think it depends on what your conviction is ... NOT sure. check with the consulate.

EDIT ... just as a sidenote .. (behaving myself better now) ... The connection to British convicts, the war of independence and Slavery .. is very interesting ... Take away the indentured servants and there was a greater need ( ?? horrible choice of words)for cheap/free labour .. the slave trade grew ..

what u talkin' bout?
It would probably depend on what type of criminal conviction.

ugh, some people are so lame.
it depends what the conviction is, whether its something serious or not, and of course whether its for a holiday, for work etc etc.
check with the embassy.
good luck, and make sure you check out Brisbane!
p.s. we're not like America where you need a green card etc. we're FRIENDLY here!

The brits stopped that practice long ago... you need a passport now instead of a conviction :p

Australlia used to be a HUGE JAIL. So if you go there you stay there in the HUGE desert.

should be able to if you check history i think you ll find that alot of criminals got sent there bock in the day it was kind of like a penile colony
so there are allot of families of criminals there,
at least that's what i read,i don't personally know anything about Australians except for crocodile Dundee

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