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Hi, which is the cheapest mode of transport to reach Gold Coast from Brisbane Airport for family of three?

We will be staying in Radisson Resort, Palm Meadows

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Train or regular bus services, if you want something direct then get a shuttle.

fab40nola -I'm back...
Check the train, on some city train trips a child travels for free. But ask at the desk at your motel. they may have a shuttle bus contact.

Cale K
Train. I live on the GC too.

Yes, probably train.

Ring your hotel to find out which is the closest train station and if you can get transfers from the Train to your hotel.

So from the Airport, you want to take a train to Central Station. You can then connect to any Gold Coast train from Central Station.
But beware, no trains run to or from BNE after 8pm

jennifer h
The train to Nerang station which is the closest to The Raddisson. Ask the Raddisson if they have a shuttle bus to pick you up from the station, as the Raddisson although not far from the station it is near very busy roads and to far to walk. I'm sure they will have a shuttle otherwise you will need a taxi from the Station. The train takes 1 and a half hours and leaves from the Airport It's called the Gold Coast airtrain. Nerang is the 2nd to last stop and the stop before it is Helensvale. They leave each half hour during the day and the last one is early evening sometime

Probably the train, I believe you can get on the train from the airport.
The trains used to end at Nerang, but I haven't lived on the Gold Coast for 6 years (That's where I'm from)..I'm presently in the bloody USA...
The resort you are staying, may have a shuttle service that may pick you up from the train station...... Palm Meadows is not far from the train station.... Call the Radisson and they will advise you!

Hope this helps from an Aussie stuck in the USA......


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