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Brett P

Is Australia one day ahead or behind the United States?

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meljc25 every way!

Flying from the east coast of Australia (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne) or from New Zealand to the USA (Los Angeles) can be a surreal experience, particularly when you leave Australia almost the same time as you arrive in the US! (That is because flights this way cross the international date line). I am again flying to the US this year, leaving at 12pm from Melbourne and arriving in Los Angeles at 12.40pm the SAME day! :)

we are one day ahead so i am answering your question tomorrow

we aussies are well ahead of you yanky doodles!

Australia is ahead of the USA.
So the USA are behind this time.

Ahead. See the website below to see time anywhere in the world.

a day ahead

put it this way when you guy's are celebrating NEW YEARS EVE we already have the hangovers.

Melbourne and Sydney were one of the first major cities to see in the new millennium so all this makes you guy's a day behind and something the U.S will never be first at.

Ausie is a day ahead.

The earth rotates so it seems the sun moves from east to west.

They're day begins before ours starts, and ends before ours.

Time is measured from 0° longitude which passes through Greenwich in London and is often called the Greenwich Meridian. The time on this meridian is called Greenwich Mean Time. More recently, the time measurement has been refined and GMT is now UTC - Universal Coordinated Time. I know the initials don't match but they don't in French either, it is a compromise.

Anywhere to the east of 0° is ahead of UTC while anywhere west of the line is behind UTC. This goes as far as the International Date Line at approximately 180°. Immediately to the east of the date line, the time is the same as on the western side of the line but 24 hours earlier.

The USA has a number of time zones from the east to western Alaska, all of these are west of 0° and are at least 5 hours behind UTC. Australia also has a number of time zones and these are 8 to 10 hours ahead of UTC. Thus depending on where you are in the USA or Australia, Australia is at least 13 hours ahead of you and could be 20 hours.


We are not quite literally ONE DAY ahead.
Depends on what time it is in the USA. Rememebr too that the USA has three time zones and Australia also has three time zones. Thre is also daylight saving time to consider.

Generally, we are about (emphasis that it is APPROXIMATE) 16 hours ahead of the USA. So... Australia will be ONE DAY AHEAD only until about 4 o'clock in the afternoon in Australia. After 4pm Australia time both countries are on the same day.

To explain - Australia will be Monday while The USA is still Sunday - but only until Australia easten time is 4pm. after 4pm BOTH Australia and the USA will be on Monday.
When the east coast of the USA is about 8 or 9 on Monday morning, Australia will be Tuesday.

I have a system to work out - approximately - what time the USA is. FOr me - the USA is 8 hours ahead of my time - but yesterday. If it is midday here on the East coast of Australia- I know that it is about 8 o'clock (dinner time) is the USA last night.

Does this make sense?

Fair Inquiry
Looks like Australia is in front, around 15 hours. In reality it is chasing USA trying to kiss its butts

and new zealand is more ahead of australia.

Sunny 1st
Your tomorrow is our today. And who said tomorrow never comes?

Australia is ahead of US.....almost a day i think

i love my garden
we Aussies are ahead of you Yankies.......

when sept 11 happened it was nearly sept12 here. That's when I saw it happening on TV.

Perth on the other side of Australia is 3 hrs behind Sydney.

In USA California is behind New York. in time.

Australia's East Coast is 20 hours ahead of The US East Coast.

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