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Is Queensland a good place to visit if you like going barefoot all the time?

I am a full time barefooter and hate wearing shoes!

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Ya Its Me
I've known friends from Southern Cal that have gone to Australia and told me it was fairly common to see people barefoot around various parts of the country.....similar to S. Cal and Hawaii.

Its much more accepted there than many places in the U.S.

Katie L
yes generally bayside-wouoldnt reccomend in the city though

Ally D
haha interesting question :-P. A lot of people go barefoot here, but when out and about it's better to wear some footwear. If you're in a local town though, go for it. Our National footwear is pretty comfortable though, thongs or 'flip flops.' People wear them EVERYWHERE. 'Tis Great :-D

Yes plenty do. At a school up my way near all the kids go to school barefoot. Not common in all schools but for some they allow it.

Bella B

Generally speaking.

Downsides - hot sand (on the beach) and hot roads and stuff, bindi's or bindi eyes in the summer which are these grassy sized plants that put their stinging seeds in your feet...

Yes. Or wear thongs.

Not if you want to go out in the rainforests or bush or places because you might be more likely to get bitten by snakes/spiders or treat on a poisonous plant. Also sometimes the sand/road can be hot. But hey do whatever you want.

no its not safe to go around bare footed as these days there are too many peope who leave broken glass and syringe needles lying around

Xanthe ♫
You can but I wouldn't suggest that it is a good idea in most parts. Sand and roads can get extremely hot, not to mention the worries of broken glass in many areas. Depending on where you are you also have the issue of snakes, etc. I haven't gone barefoot outside the house properly since I was a kid and got stung by a bee on the foot! But if thats what you like to do no one will stop you... just be aware of the dangers.

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