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emma l

Where is the best place to live in Brisbane with a young family?

We are going to Australia soon and looking at places to emigrate, we are very interested in Brisbane, but do not know the best suburbs for a young family. Good schools are very important, but the cost of living has to be good. Also my husband is a brick layer, is there much work in brisbane and what is the average wage? Your help would be appreciated! Thanks!

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hi emma - i presume you are coming from england to brisbane
firstly there is a huge construction boom in s.e. queensland and brickees are in very short supply indeed. you could live in a newly emerging suburb with high growth rates so hubby doesn't have to drive too far to his jobs as most brick layers are independent sub contractors here. He would probably be paid by the brick - he could earn about $100,000 aus per year easy. Remember it's very hot & humid here in the summer and most work is outdoors building new brick houses. He would work in a "gang" and would go from job to job doing work for large house construction companies.
brisbane covers a huge area & overall pop of over 2million from the gold to sunshine coast.
a new popular suburb with english people is north of brisbane called North Lakes.
Further north is Bribie Island (bad road from highway). Sunshine Coast has great beaches. You would need a car to live there. another new community south of brisbane is Springfield.
There are great bayside communities such as Wynnum/Manly, Ormiston, Thornlands, Cleveland. - all good public transport.

You will want to look at buying a large two storey house - air conditioning is a must, close to private schools and public transportation such as the train/busway

Cost of living is about one half cost in england. House rentals are $340-$400 per week. Petrol is $1.25-$1.35 ltr. Food is a lot cheaper than england esp meat.

Emily Rugburn
I have lived in West End, Red Hill and New Farm, which are all inner suburbs. For my money, New Farm was a really nice place to live. Lots of public transport by bus or ferry (a very relaxing way to get to work), only 10 mins drive from the city, but still nice and quiet, a huge park with play equipment and BBQs, shopping centre with decent prices, small library. I don't know where the nearest school is. Rents were ok, but not the cheapest out there.

The best value for money suburb in Bris is probably West End, which has a primary school, very cheap shops and super cheap farmers market, and is only about 5 mins drive from the city centre. It's a hippie place, so lots of colourful people and arty stuff going on, but it can be a bit seedy, so unless you really like hippie stuff, you might feel a bit insecure living there with kids.

I don't know much about the suburbs further out. But if you find it's a lot cheaper to live further out, picking a house near a train line or the "Busway" is very good, cause you can be in the city quicker than you would by driving.

Try asking this quessie at the Australian forum on Travellerspoint:

You'll also find people listed by location who've volunteered to let you pick their brains about where they live/have travelled.

inner western suburbs
milk $2.60=2 lt
bread= $1.80
fuel=$1.25 lt
rent house 3 bedroom about $350+

heaps of work for brickies

I am Brisbane born and bred
I have lived various places but have returned.

At present business is booming and tradesman are in scarce supply

Have you thought of the sunshine coast??

starts about 60 kilometers north of Brisbane wonderful surfing beaches etc with out all the glitz of the Gold coast which is south of Brisbane.

West end is changing to a cosmopolitan area. There us a strong Greek presence in the area . west end was all industrial and low paid workers but is changing all the time.

Depends on what you income and life style is

Remember that from December to February in Brisbane the humidity is a killer. But you get sort of used to putting up with it. The benefits outweigh the humidity

Maybe a bay side suburb would be to your liking

Well Emma, just where are you coming from ? I guess anywhere is better than living in the UK !! or Holland !! Brisbane people will tell you their suburb is the best.

Pure Blonde
West End, I disagree, Its like Redfern in Sydney.....

Look at Springfield / Cleveland / Victoria Point These are new communities that are developing and designed for families.

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