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Where is the best place to live in NSW?

i hear the central coast

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I Live In Paradise

the central coast is a great place to live

It depends on what you are looking for. If you want coastal areas, then Port Macquarie is known to have the 'perfect weather'. The problem with coastal areas is that it always rains. The mid North Coast (Coffs Harbour areas) are very popular too as is Ballina and Byron Bay etc. The other problem with a lot of coastal area's is that work can be hard to get. Coffs Harbour has one of the highest unemployment rates. As a lot of back packers travel the coast, they also get a lot of the jobs as they are usually hard workers and happy to work for cash in hand saving employers a lot of paper work and having to pay super etc. There are plenty of larger towns that are inland eg Wagga, Tamworth, Dubbo etc. I lived in Tamworth and absolutely loved the town. You can make eye contact with people and they will smile and say hello, where as I found on the coast if you make eye contact, many people are that stoned they get paranoid as to why you are looking at them. As I said, it depends on the many factors that you are personally looking for. If you go south to say Wollongong, it gets colder but I know many people that live there and in the surrounding areas and love it. I lived down there for about 3 years and it did nothing for me. Decide what you want and then research the towns that fit into your specifications.Good Luck!

Far South Coast.

Lisa m
Sydney- trust me you will love it

theres city beach night life everything ..

Rural towns like Young,Dubbo,Bathurst,Orange etc beat the cities. You make more & better friends in the country towns.

It depends if your looking for city or country?

City - If you like the beach try Bondi or Cronulla. If you don't like the beach try the inner city although that's more expensive

Counrty - Bathurst and Orange

Central Coast and South Coast (like Batemans Bay) is great cause its quiter and out of the city but its not the country either.

Byron bay,

Nice warm days and close to the beach, medium population (not too crowded)
Beautifull scenery and lovely hippy and bohemian shops.
Good area, not known for violence ect.
Surrounding towns:
Ocean shores, ballina, lennox head, nimbin :).

I'd tell but then I'd have to kill you and as I don't own or like's not mentioned in these sort ratings which makes it even better...has high unemployment...but heaps of pluses..which I won't say because I don't want you to know.....most people living here love it...and are concerned too many people wil find out they'd be upset if I told you to....clue...2 towns not too far apart...

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