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Do brazilians like american tourists?

Hoping brazilians chicks will like me!!!!

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Brazilians are like anyone else. They respond to manners and respect. Just treat them like you want to be treated. Courtesy goes a long way. Most Brazilian girls are very tall, fashion conscious, and slender. You can't dress like a vagabond and think that you will do well.
They won't like you just because you come from North America (they are Americans, too). Brush up on the Brazilian type of Portuguese, since English isn't the spoken language. Remember to collect business cards so that the taxi rides are easier (hotel, work, restaurant flyers in the hotel lobby). Make sure that you buy all of your clothes, cameras, and CD's here in the US. A pair of $10 sweatpants costs $50 there. A $125 dollar camera at Walmart costs almost $300. There is a 100% mark-up on all electronics.

Geraldo P
Of course! We like american tourists!
Come to my city! Araxá, MG. It has a very good and famous Five star hotel (The "Grande hotel")

Brazilians likes everybody. This includes tourists.
Upon the americans, brazilians are in the AMERICA. Then, they are americans, also.

Yes Brazilians love Americans as long as Americans do not come to their country and think that they're better. Brazilans love their country, music, food, culture and their beaches. Respect them and they will will repsect you. Always remember you are a guest in their country.

Charlotte C
Brazilians are very friendly and welcoming so yes they do. I would caution you however with something that happened to many of my friends-be careful with girls chatting you up in bars they could be prostitutes. This sounds like a horrible thing to say but naive male tourists get taken in and several of my friends thought they were onto a good thing only to have to pay off a violent pimp.

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